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Stuck at about 120k, important upgrades?

Hello all, first post in the forums. Been playing on and off for a while and I'm a bit stuck here. Don't have a whole lot of gold(8 mil) and was looking for some advice on what I should work on upgrading first. I currently have somewhere between 115k-119k dps and run MP5 without too many problems. I'm trying out the CoB build but might switch back to Bears because I find it more fun. Also been working on a Hellfire Ring but all my friends have quit playing which has left me with 15 machines I don't use. Any reccomendations would be appreciated and don't hold back, I know the armors a bit rough. Thanks! Finally got it to work, here's the link http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Moistymoe-1397/hero/9987725
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Knew I forgot something, currently giving me an error when i try to get to my profile, I'll have it up as soon as possible
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Don't know if anyone would be so kind to post a link to my profile but I'm getting the 500 Internal Server Error and have been trying unsuccessfully to get to it for a while. Sorry
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Any helps greatly needed
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Worked just fine when I clicked on your profile but here is the link.

You should focus on adding more critical hit chance to your build, you are missing it on your ammy and helm. Try to stay away from attack speed until you are struggling to get more DPS, for the most part it will make it harder for you to play effectively.

You have no all res other than your chest and pox, this is a big problem. You need more all res somewhere, cheapest spot would be pants and try to craft it on your bracers and shoulders. You are also a bit low on hp too, 10k more would be great for you.

You might lose some dps while making these upgrades because you are low on gold but if you can keep your dps while making these changes you will be much more effective.

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Alright you need a weapon with a socket. They're easy to get around 900+ dps with high crit damage/life steal for 10 mil or so. Also, you need crit on your zuni ring, zuni helmet. You could be doing way better than with what you got sir.
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Yeah I know, don't have much gold so I'm working on getting things on a budget to make do for now. Was wondering mainly what should I focus on first
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I would start on the all the peices that are missing CHC
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Crit chance FTW
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