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bumpz! for awesomeeeenesss
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Either you guys can't read properly or his pictures are just too awesome. Either way, this thread is so flawed and it's sad watching peeps bumping without thinking into his ideas.
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really interesting and good goldsinks which may cure the saturated market.
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07/23/2013 02:06 PMPosted by HainKurt
Either you guys can't read properly or his pictures are just too awesome. Either way, this thread is so flawed and it's sad watching peeps bumping without thinking into his ideas.

:) agreed...

people do not want to think, do math, try to see big picture... I see the same problem with Blizz D3 team... they don't see the big picture, do something, QA cannot catch (or not supposed to catch) then they give half baked thing to D3 players... we do the test, find the flaws, lmao, then they try to hot fix it, another band-aid, which breaks something else... so this continued for last 16 months...

when foundation is weak/wrong, nothing looks solid on it...

Sounds like the one thing everyone can agree on is, the pictures are awesome.

I think you're taking the op's ideas (and those who agree with them) way too literally.

I, as a supporter of the op's ideas, am not saying every suggestion should be blindly implemented as-is. I'm merely saying they're great ideas that should at least be entertained and reviewed for possible implementation and adjustment.

It is possible to improve upon an idea if you don't just shoot it out of the sky first.

That's all.
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Bump for sure. These ideas are amazing. That's it these are ideas, critisize them if you want but they are damn good.
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I love your ideas man, especially the NV and legendary changes I was just farming mp10 on 5 stacks the other day and I thought to myself how cool it would be if i could get more stacks. Thank you for spending so much time on this you are what this community needs.
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Something need to be done, because all I did was look at the Arreatsummit.com and I got more excited just thinking about playing D2 again than I have with D3. I absolutely hate Activision for making them put D3 on console.
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This dude is absolutely right. not saying all his ideas are right and blah blha blah but i'm saying that his imagination is right. i'm not sure how hard it is to make this game more substantial in terms of things to do and play but it's kinda feeling like it's a lot. i mean i'm not a programmer or in the video game industry at all, but i kinda feel like good ideas like that aren't even being considered. i feel like blizzard doesn't truly listen to us in terms of what we want asside from fixing bugs, glitches, and annoying things like ID all. i mean so glad they fixed those items but that's the extend of what magic you can do? i hardly think that if somebody truly wanted something like this game to be another way that it still would be in it's current condition. not trying to attack anybody or even come across as that but it's looking more and more depressing in terms of what's next exciting factor. the crafts were great, but that's really all that's happened. in 2012 they fired out infernal machine, paragon etc., and that's in a short few months. 2013 has seen crafting and a few blacksmith/jeweler improvements. all i hear is play station and xbox and i'm like..ok very cool get everybody onboard playing diablo, but hello...we PC people are still here. they talk a lot about changing items and blah blah blah but that's been the talk forever and now this magical 1.0.9 patch isn't happening? as a person who never slandered this game and kept playing and never get up, i feel like i've been cheerleading for a team that really didn't want me on it's side.
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07/23/2013 02:00 PMPosted by Chewbecca
Either you guys can't read properly or his pictures are just too awesome. Either way, this thread is so flawed and it's sad watching peeps bumping without thinking into his ideas.

I'm in no way saying my ideas are the greatest, I just simply wanted to put it out there as to what I think would make the game fun for me. The pictures are a fun addition that I think help get my ideas across. I've already seen many ideas floating around which could be done to tune up the features in my post to make them better, that's perfectly fine... it's the discussion which is needed.
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I would love this kind of update/expansion. These changes seem legit, and would get me back into the game like I was the first couple months it came out. Until major changes like this take place with D3...the game will continue dying past the point of being dead it already is...its now starting to rot..

Awesome ideas, wish the devs could do this on their own.

I played some different MMO's over the past 10 years or so. One of the things I noticed that you touched on was the achievements with rewards. Reminds me of Traits in other games. The traits that you had to grind out, but when finished your reward was simple and small like 2% more damage or health or something. Thing was, there were TONS of traits to grind(game time). The difference in your casual player and experienced was some of these little traits. These traits though small, made the difference in the endgame content. How? Well if I had grinded all my traits to max, say it made me 10% better as apposed to the player who just hit max lvl and equiped the same gear as I had with no traits. When a 6 or 12 man group was needed to farm a dungeon or boss, a group with casual players will struggle. But when all 12 had grinded those traits to max, had upgraded their weapons to max, had put in the time, aquired the small rewards...magic happened.

The point in it all was this. In Lotro Moria expansion was out there was a 12 man boss fight called the Watcher. On level it was the hardest boss fight in the game. Out of thousands of players across all their servers, there were only a handful of kinships/guilds that could successfully down this boss. These people were the best on the server and for good reason. They had put in the time to max their characters out. Their time was rewarded in so many ways.

The point of these changes to D3 being so important is that reward. I have hit para100 on my barb and have been grinding still only to have the same drops I did at para 1. Besides the 300 strength, and 200 vit....I feel like i have gained nothing else other then the pretty little circle around my picture in the top left corner of my screen. 1400 hours for a picture and a couple more thousand damage and health? The magic find is doing nothing for me. getting 1 million horrible, horrible horrible legendaries is not rewarding in any way shape or form. i would rather get 1 leg a month worth 2b then 2b legs a month worth 1g. The grind for nothing is getting old.

Im at the point where I need to get my upgrades from [Removed]......and I dont have the 100B or 3000 bucks on rmah to upgrade....I would like to get rewarded by finding my own upgrade, which is something that hasnt happened since July of 2012...rediculous.
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Blizzard now you know how to fix your game. Do it.
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Love the suggestions and the thought behind it! Awesome!
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a thread with excellent ideas and after 20 pages still no answer from blues
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I really dislike your interpretation of Magic Find and putting it on NV exclusively. One of the things that people tend to complain about is how useless a short farming session feels versus a long one specifically because of how NV works. If the only source of MF is NV, and it takes anywhere between 500 (lord) and 50 (still LORD) stacks to reach the cap, I think you're taking too much freedom from the player to enjoy the game during brief sessions. If they want to farm tons and tons of items, but they'd rather invest in gear with MF instead of investing huge amounts of time, your proposition punishes them in this "2.0" vision of yours by removing that possibility.

Your other changes are...okay. I won't say they're -bad,- necessarily, but putting out legendaries with 9 levels of rarity will ultimately make the bottom 4-5 of those legendaries as useless as most current ones already are. It doesn't really change much versus the current system, and the whole "identify each of the following" achievements will just create a massive market for selling unid'd legendaries of that type, which isn't exactly the 'discovery' you are looking for.

And then you want crafting to be more like MMO crafting, where you have to hunt down a variety of different things--things with frustratingly low drop rates in some cases. Would these crafted items automatically be better than drops? Would you make the grind less about actual usable items and more about salvaging everything (exactly as things already are)? If they are not more valuable than the potential drops, what justifies this long-term and unreliable grind?

The upgrade system for the Mystic, too, strikes me as a bit odd. Permanently upgrading stats on a certain item will feel terrible when another item with better stat rolls drops and you have suddenly wasted millions upon millions of gold for essentially nothing. It would actually remove some of the excitement you mention of finding ultra-rare items by clashing with your long-term investment...because people never expect to have those Level 9 Legendaries drop for them, there is no doubt that they will be upgrading their original pieces as high as they can. Also, would these upgrades make the item itself Bind on Account since it requires BoA materials to craft? If not, you would still have people primarily buying items from the Auction House and not playing the game. If it does change an item to BoA, you'd be stuck with an inferior hunk of metal in your inventory that has literally no residual value to you...except to be salvaged into one of the dozens of components you already spent to upgrade it.

On the surface, your ideas seem fine, if only because they're different from what we already have...but they also introduce a great number of issues as pertaining to the different playstyles that people have, the value of legendaries (which is a problem now and in your scenario), and the return on big investments. Your changes are nice for the ultra-hardcore player with millions upon millions of gold and thousands of hours to burn, but for the layman it just seems to make things far more difficult.
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thread deserves to be at the top , wow just wow great read
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Awesomesauce bros.
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