Diablo® III

Good farming runs for archon?

I've been running alot of A1 like everyone else.

Festering woods>leorics(if not at 5 stacks)>fields of misery>halls 2

Sometimes I throw in weeping hollow for a lenthier run. But I'm looking to change it up. Anyone have a route or two or six they'd like to share? any act? I'm really want some solid routes for a2, but if there are spots I dont know about in a1 thats rad too. Thanks guys
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Festering Wood, Cemetery of the Forsaken, Fields of Misery and Halls of Agony 2 and 3.
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for act 2 try the 3 kulle areas desolate sands and vota (cave and other dungeons in sands are optional, i don't like doing them presonally as it feels a waste compared to doing another vota instead).
then you finish it off with oasis for a key or whatevers, try doing all the little dungens in oasis too, they can be very fast adn rewarding, the one where you look for kulles head is like a mini vota :)

havn't sussed out act 4 yet but it looks like gardens and rifts (so make sure you start an early quiest to get the rifts) then basically just run your way up the spire, there si really not alot going on in act 4 so i just run teh whole act from gardens.

act 3 = alk run + whatever you like... tho i'm finding this less efficient then it used to be.


act2 = all 3 kulle portals - desolate sands - vota - (other dungeons in sands optional) - oasis (other dungeons in oasis optional)

act3 = ask run

act4 = Gardens 1+2 (with rifts) -run up teh spire as per normal - (diablo optional)
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I've done act 1 cemetery, fields, and festering for about 30-40 plvls and its getting kinda boring now. Plus I hate the grotesque bastards that knock you back every hit it seems.

I'm not efficient by any means but it seems I can do all 3 areas in act 1 before I finish vota and oasis and I gain more exp in act 1. Mp lvl 6 because my archon DMG is still quite low and need to improve but 1/2 my gear is from my cm/WW build.
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Note. You either need good mitigation OR lifesteal weapon to farm Desolate sands. I tried it on my glassy Archon with no lifesteal, and it was not pretty. MP7 btw. I run Act I completely fine without lifesteal weapon, then those leaping lacuni brought me back to reality.
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Good advice guys thanks. I really appreciate it. I'm doing an a2 run that looks like this right now

vota>dahlgur oasis> eastern channel>western channel> desolate sands

Its longer but it pans out. still feels slower than a1 unfortunately. Is a1 just above all else the best act right now for p leveling?
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wow, gonna hav to try a2 n a4 run c how it goes, only switched archon for few days n only run a1

wat is ask run? ask for where players r going? sry i really donno wat tat means...
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