Diablo® III

How did i do on my cm wiz?

Roughly 150m spent. Still learning to play her, but I think I am getting the hang of it. Any tips and tricks will help!

thanks in advance
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Its cool you went for life steal dagger to start off your build

but some serious issues to deal with.

1) Crit chance. Its definitely border line... try shooting for a couple % more.

2) resistance. Also low. But I can understand you can get a away with it by using energy armor and having a life steal weapon.

3) APOC - arcane power on crit. Defiantely too low your going to want to get at least 18-20 APOC. You currently have 6.... with low crit chance. Your spells are not refreshing fast enough.

Don't use prodigy because you don't have a signature spell.

Vitality gems seems to be a giant waste of DPS/all resistance...

Look to use a storm crow instead of mempo you could afford a 6% CC storm crow. This will help your APOC situation. Then you will want to get some high vitatlity high AR/armor rare pants. This will help give you back resistance lost from mempo.

The you will probably need all resist and attack speed on glove to make up lost speed or get an attack speed unity ....

Some work to do here.
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sorry my profile hasn't quite updated yet but yea the gems and prodigy were changed before this post.

But thanks for the reply, appreciate all the help :)
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Would it make sense for me to get some nat pieces like I see other wiz's doing?
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1) Poison dmg from your zuni boots helps boost dps from a "black" weapon. Your dagger is a not a "black" weapon, its arcane weapon.

2) From what I'm seeing you probably need to get a CC% zuni ring. Then add attack speed to your glove and unity.

That will keep you at breakpoint at least and boost your CC%.

Ideally your dagger should be black to take advantage of the dmg % bonus.
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I know I was looking at that when I bought storm crow. Black damage daggers are very expensive or even +% damage daggers are expensive too.
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I comend the effort for something different but I was sourcing out gear for a budget life steal set and it doesnt seem it can be done effectively for 100m budgets.

Life steal works off dps so not only do you need a good weapon you also need high dps to make t worth your while.

As it stands using a chan todo setup with LOH is more cost effective starting with lower budgets.
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