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Need help gearing my WW Barb

Hey everyone, I'm tryinig to get my barb to 300k+ dps without being a glass cannon.
I would like to know what items I should start upgrading first, thanks!

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First off...

07/22/2013 02:45 PMPosted by JackNPeeHole
300k+ dps

Never try to aim for a paper DPS. You lose out in the long run. Aim for tDPS.. for example 2.5m tDPS fully buffed. People trying to maximize paper DPS will tend to suffer tDPS losses, which is retarded, since tDPS is the one that matters.

Your DPS is 150k. Mine is 190k. You tDPS fully buffed (WOTB, Brawler, Battle Rage) is a little over 1.1m. Mine fully buffed (same buffs as yours) is over 2.3m

See how paper DPS means nothing?

Now to start helping with your gear..

You APS is terrible low. I suggest you get 24% MORE attack speed than what you have right now. Attack speed is one of the most critical things when it comes to tDPS.

You've got NO movement speed. It's very important to have +24% movement speed.

Here's what I suggest:

1) Get Inna's temp, 150+ Vitality. You have no AR on your pants anyway. This way you now have 1 slot of movement speed and 8% towards that 24% attack speed we were talking about.

2) Get lacuni Prowlers. 5.5 CC, maybe some Str/Vit. This will serve the same purpose as the Inna's temp. Add movement speed and 8% attack speed. Now you have 24% movement speed and 16%/24% of the attack speed.

3) Get 8% attack speed on your gloves. It can't be anything less than 8, since you need to fulfill that 24% extra attack speed. Drop some str and vit if you have to, but getting attack speed on your gloves is a must.

4) Since you will be replacing those pants, you will prob take a blow to HP. Get a mempo that is 190+ Str and 90+ Vitality.

5) IK chest that is 200+ Vit, and 150+ Str.

6) IK Belt, same amount of str, but with a 65+ Vit roll instead of Dex.

7) Swap MH and OH

Not going to say anything else, since you should be pretty solid at this point. And anything else I say will probably bust your budget through the roof. That's is why I never comment on rings / amulets, cause they can be pricey.

P.S - This will get you NO WHERE NEAR 300k+ DPS that you were looking for. But it will maximize tDPS. Which I explained earlier why it's more important.
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Thank you for the fast reply! I will definately try your build out. Feel free to suggest accessories too. I am willing to spend some money to get the gear I need.
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I suggest getting more intel on what to do..As all barbs have their own way of doing things.

Those steps are steps that I would take. I'm an experienced barb, and do know what I am talking about, but I would wait to spend any sort of money, especially on expensive things.

Wait for other barbs to help you out as well, and perhaps the combination of ideas can give you a lot more insight of what you are doing and what you are trying to aim for.
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You can't get a better analysis than what Apophis gave without a budget.
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thank you for all your help.
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There are people that offer "free" gearing advice out there and even a service of such. I would recommend using them if you have specific goals in mind and a specific budget you must stick to.

Ultimately remember that your play style might not match that of others and thus some gearing choices others may recommend would not be suited to your particular style or how you play.

I have been gone for a few months so I don't know if the same people are doing gearing but Nived use to run a darn good service to many a barb in the community. As soon as I get decent internet again I will probably start playing and keeping up with who is who and what they offer to the community as a whole.

As for now take what gearing advice is offered and blend it to your needs and desires. There are specifics to stick to and then there are sites to monitor and test such like d3rawr.com and d3up.com. I definitely recommend these sites to mold your barb into the beast you want. As far the specific numbers to go by they may have changed throughout time but to my knowledge they are still located under the stickys at the top of the forum but I will list a few of "my" standard numbers:


6K armor
650 AR
60K HP
40 CC
400 CHD
24 MS
4 slots of Attack Speed

I will say this though, maximize each piece of gear when getting it towards your end goal; otherwise you are spinning your wheels and wasting time and gold for a "feels good enough for the moment" situation. Check with Nived to see if he will help you reach your current goal, though I am sure throughout time that it will be the first of many goals to come.

Good luck.

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I knew you wouldn't be gone for good...
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