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Kingdom of SOLO - Challenge - gearing thread

Okay - Setting this up for later; in the meantime, if you guys have any gearing info that you would like to add. Please do so. Will update gear as it comes in.

Class Decisions

As a whole, I think we decided on a 2x DH team and a wiz/monk for support as respect for the DH community. Overall we felt as though times would be better with WD (and testing proved this) but we went with 2 DH to showcase some skill and to build a couple of really nice sets for the community. In addition, the fact that our DHes will be able to go somewhat glassy, we can spend more of our gold on gearing an SNS wizard, which will add quite a bit of overall dps. The poor monk will have to deal w/ some pretty crappy gear :)

Gearing Strategies for DH

Since we are the only ranged class taking part in the competition, we could afford to buy and plan sets that would be worthy of our glass cannon crew brothers. Make no mistake, these sets will be very playable for new players who may end up with them, but they are being geared for max DPS with the ability to take 1 hit from a belial meteor (the specific EHP involved for this is being used to build the set). Other than that, we dont expect to take much damage from anything, and since gloom is > than SB, we dont have to worry about RD too much.

Overall, the strategy ended up being to try and pull as much DPS as we can out of about 1.8b for each DH. A few of those decisions were a little bit tough.

First - We had to decide if we were going to go INT or DEX manticores. The INT manticores ended up giving us more bang for our buck since the DEX on our DH sets is already incredibly high. Around 3150 and 3200. We looked at spending between 800m-1.1b on each manti so that we would have enough to finish the rest of the sets. For a good dex manti, this meant looking at around 1250 or lower weapon damage. Trust me, I have, or Shdw or Snicks, has been on every last manti bid that has ended in the last week and none of them have fit our criteria better than the INT mantis. Ended up paying 1b and 800m respectively.

Second - No WH? We were unable to figure out a way to get to the 2.0 breakpoint without losing a ton of effective dps for the gold that we had to spend. In addition, the 8% boost provided by the Innas Favor adds damage to the average damage that we acquired on the nats rings, ammys and the increased boost from the INT mantis. Any way that I broke it down, Innas belt ALWAYS won out in raw dps UNLESS we were able to switch our Helm to a double dex roll 5-6CC nats helm and use the WH to make up the IAS slot. However, this alone would have cost a few hundred m if not more, so the cost was very prohibitive.

Third - Why are the sets so glassy? They were designed to be able to tank Belials Breath attack w/ gloom (almost zero EHP required) and to take 1 hit w/o gloom from a trash mob without dying. The LS being generated from RF is so high that being able to survive 1 hit is all that we need. Obviously if Gloom is up, can still tank elites like a boss because of the damage. I stood on 3 desecration and some plague the other day, continued to blast away like a boss at the pack and stayed at full health. These sets are pulling 345k w/ only SA while boasting an SoJ and sporting 14cc that is off paper dps. While on Bait the Trap, the sets are sitting at a healthy 79.5 and 80cc respectively. Which means that we are generating about 600k dps on elites.

DH Breakdown

Helm: Went w/ Andy's, couldnt beat the damage: 5.2m + 1.6m = 7.8m
Ammy: Rares of course: 165.2m + 250m = 315.2m
Shoulders: VWards: 7.1m + 7.7m = 14.8m
Chest: Have two sets, one for the giveaway (Nats) and one for comp (TMight) 10m + 12.2m +52.2m +20m = 94.4
Gloves: 20m + 65m = 85m
Bracers: Strongarms: 4.5m + 4m = 8.5m
Belt: Innas: 10m + 20.9m = 30.9m
Ring 1: SoJ = 9.9m + 35m = 44.9m
Ring 2: Nats = 300m + 230m = 530m
Boots: Nats: 55.5m + 35.5m = 91m
Pants: Innas: 10m + 22.1m = 32.1m
Weapon: Manti: 800m + 1b = 1.8b
Quiver: DML: 50m + 11.2m = 61.2m
Gems: 159m

Total Cost: 3.2898 B

Link to the SS for gear purchases: http://imgur.com/a/Bo1qG#0
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Gearing Strategies for Monk

Basically wanted to use a monk that could keep as many buffs up as possible. Since we were not going to have the budget to produce a dps monk that could do any real damage during the fight, we decided to keep this as cheap as possible and just try and gear to abuse the hell out of EP for the fights as well as clearing trash.

Also, due to the snapshot (only dps, not gearswap) that the DHes would be employing w/ rapid fire, we decided that putting gold towards the monk was even less fruitful due to the fact that he would have 1 generator and 5 buffs on his skill bar, gimping his dps to a point where, even if i used my 300k dps monk, he would do about his paper dps in EDPS, which is pretty sad.

Monk Breakdown

Lots of alternative gear was bought here as a just in case kinda thing.

Chest: BT 750k + TM 116k = 871k
Belt: BT = 98.1k + WH 50k = 148.1k
Helm: Madstone 33.6k + Mempo 500k = 533.6k
Gloves: Rares: 42k
Bracer: Rare: 1.5m
Pants: BT: 200k + innas 4m = 4.2m
Boots: Nats: 350k
Ring: Seal: 150k + Nats 1m = 1.15m
Ring: SoJ 2.1m
Ammy: BT: 500k
Shoulders: Vward: 100k
Weapon1: EF 105k + Sledgefist: 2.8m = 3m
Weapon 2: Sever: 355k
Gems: 8.8m

Total: 25m

Side note: We came in a bit under budget, so, while we wont be using it much for the competition, I think it would be a good idea to use that gold to make this monk set actually viable. As of right now. I cant imagine that anyone would actually want the set. So, i'm going to go ahead and spent a few hundred M to make the set actually viable before we give it away.
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Gearing Strategies for Wiz

Written by snickers

I started out going for a standard 2.73 breakpoint 88% mitigation SNS wizard with goal of about 100k sheet dps since we didn't want to spend too much on a support class. I originally got the desired defensive stats with 120k sheet dps for about 110m gold, but found out I could go higher with the budget.

For the lower dps set I went for a low APS IAS wand since I wasn't trying to get to the 3.01 breakpoint thus making it much cheaper than 1.78 or 1.79 wands. The wand and the SC provided the APoC so none needed on the Force. The wand I ended up getting also gave me a little more wiggle room on the other IAS pieces, but I still went for at least 8% on any one piece. The Vile Wards were a no brainer since they offer so much mitigation with a decent amount of Int. The 800+ LoH needed for sustain was fulfilled by the Storm Crow and the BT pants so I didn't have to worry about finding any on the jewelry.

I didn't change too much of the set when I was going for more dps. I switched from the IAS wand to an open socket one since the CD is a huge dps boost. I also swapped out the original Force for one with 3k more life and 1k more damage. The main issue was trying to get enough IAS to go for a .23 Chant's Will. I had to replace the 8% IAS rare ring with a 9% and get a tri amulet.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how the set finally turned out, though the CC is a little low for a Nat's 2 piece SNS. Still, it should be enough to keep a pretty good freeze lock. I did have issues with flippers because of the 1d10h rule. I was watching the Lacunis tick down until I could buy them out at the original 1m buyout price, but someone got them and put them up for 5.5m. The tri amulet was at 35m for a while before someone bought it out and reposted it at 50m. I probably should have been more patient and saved a bit of a gold, but AHing is fatiguing.

Wiz Breakdown

Storm Crow: 5.6m on bid
Amulet: 50m buyout
Vile Ward: 1m on bid
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit: 5.25m on bid
Taskers and Theos: 3.8m on bid
Lacuni Prowlers: 5.5m buyout
Witching Hour: 19m on bid
Rare Ring: 20m buyout
Natalya's Reflection: 10.6m on bid
Blackthorne's Jousting Mail: 100k on bid
Chantodo's Will: 30m on bid
Chantodo's Force: 25m buyout
Natalya's Bloody Footprints: 20m buyout
Radiant Star Emerald: 22.2m

Exact total cost: 216,780,033
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Snapshot Space - Will post when I get info from Nyan

Gearing Strategies for DH Snapshot

Snapshot - DH Breakdown
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Was just getting ready to do this, haha.

Cool. Diggin the title as well. :)
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haha :)

Updated first second, more updates to come as I have time and info comes in
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it was hard to resist the urge to not post XD
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Do we know who is playing what? I am willing to level a wizard or monk if need be. I'd like to be a part of this, if I can.
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Solo challenge for the win hahaha
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07/23/2013 10:08 PMPosted by gentlemen
Do we know who is playing what? I am willing to level a wizard or monk if need be. I'd like to be a part of this, if I can.

Myself, Shdw, Pew and Snickers are running the main team. Nyan has not yet indicated who he would like to join him on the Snapshot runs.
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Can you post the skill builds? The monk seems to be the most interesting, complex. Are you guys going pure support (max party damage boost) or some hybrid synergy build (Nirvana or Sever with party buffs)?
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07/23/2013 10:31 PMPosted by iTzSnypah
Can you post the skill builds? The monk seems to be the most interesting, complex. Are you guys going pure support (max party damage boost) or some hybrid synergy build (Nirvana or Sever with party buffs)?

will post closer to the run dates.
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HAve you all decided who is going to be the monk, wiz and dh?
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07/23/2013 11:24 PMPosted by RaveaAngel
HAve you all decided who is going to be the monk, wiz and dh?

Wiz- Snicks
Monk - Beer
DHs - shdw and me
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Snicks - P100
Beer - P100
shdw - P100
PewPew - P93

Oh noes end of the world stuff here.
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if we lose, i'm blaming pewpew cuz he's p93
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07/24/2013 12:39 AMPosted by scud
if we lose, i'm blaming pewpew cuz he's p93

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p93?? such a loser, he has been playing the game since policeman wore shorts and still at 93
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07/24/2013 12:39 AMPosted by scud
if we lose, i'm blaming pewpew cuz he's p93

07/24/2013 12:40 AMPosted by SwSw

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07/24/2013 12:46 AMPosted by PewPewTiuTiu
if we lose, i'm blaming pewpew cuz he's p93



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