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Kingdom of SOLO - Challenge - gearing thread

@Aujo If one of you has a paypal account or something that will take it have JT message me the info and I will buy yu guys the first round. I'm 8500 miles away and no one is sending a private jet. lol
Serious tho lemme help get you 3 drunk.

nononono.. no need for that..

Aujo owns 5 yachts and a private beach here.

he will be paying for everything.
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@Pew, Damn, I only have 2 yachts and an island.
Just wanted to by you a beer.
Be careful.
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Bumped w/ gear prices
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How is the challenge going on? Do we have videos?
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Lol, I just own. Period. Hey Pew....98 bro.
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Big ups to BeerLeague and Snickerers for all the hard work at the AH.

I get to hear all the chatter behind the scenes and they are spending a LOT of time on this.

And big thanks to Shadwflare and PewPewTiuTiu for representing the DH's and VocaloidNyan for his snapshot expertise.

Now lets go kick some a$$....
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08/01/2013 10:21 PMPosted by GodIike
How is the challenge going on? Do we have videos?

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(>^^)> Ya sry I'm late....

Nyan DH Gear : I didn't go trifectas at all and ignored cc. So dps isn't that high.

RF gear, bait the trap, archery the dps is 290k (no swap) at 2.01 aps
Armor : 3518
AR : 293
Life : 56,883
Bonus vs elites : 27%
Max discipline : 39

Gloves : 20m
SoJ : 18m (yea it was a steal ^.^)
Weapon : 200m
Shoulders : 11m
Chest : 12m
Boots : 1m (yea maybe should upgrade a bit)
Pants : 25m
Bracers : 5m
Helm : 25m
Belt : 30m
Gems : 95,730,307 (maybe I should downgrade?)
Quiver : 40m
Ring : 18m
Amulet : 2m (steal like big time)

This totals to : 502.7m~. This does not include swap gear.


Swap gear (8 item swap since no nat's mark (legacy). NO ALT CLICK SWAPPING ^.^)

Stats of the 8 peice gear swap:

65% cc w/ archery (75% w/ bait the trap)
3925 armor
401 all resist
56,669 HP
6.35 hatred regen
49 max discipline
3 discipline per second

Ring : 1m
Bracers : 1m
Weapon : 17m
Gloves : 2m
Helm : 12m (man I got ripped)
Cloak : 2m
Boots : 1m bid
Amulet : 3m

Total cost of swap gear atm: 38m

So total gear for DH should be < 550m in the end w/ any additional items...

With everything put together, DPS calculated on RF after gear swap on archery + bait the trap :
514k dps w/ 27% vs elites

Gearing comments : Please keep in mind that this is only with archery passive, and l4n allows for 100% dps passives (archery, steady aim, cull the weak) while having 100% rapid fire uptime. It's not as high as I would like, but I think it's okay. My 'damage' gear has more HP than usual because swapping gears keep HP before swapping. To maximize HP for swapping, order of swapping matters (swap highest HP increase gear first with highest HP decrease gear last). Well its just a small minor details but its there ^.^ I suspect that I may need more gear swaps for Belial for constant dps while tanking. This maybe the only exception for more than 8 gear swaps as in most situations I won't be required to tank.

Rapid fire comments : As probably all of us know, rapid fire isn't the answer to everything lol. Only using rapid fire, I get 16 seconds Ghom (this is on my gear on MfD, pure dps passives). But combined with other DH skills, I was able to achieve 9 seconds on Ghom. This is just a very basic example on Ghom, but I hope you guys keep that in mind that rapid fire isn't always the best solution to everything, it's just an easy solution lol.

Other skills that can be used to snapshot :

- Strafe (similar mechanics to RF, but its no self targeting system so illusionist affix doesn't break channelling)
- Rain of vengeance (one use only)
- Smoke screen choking gas (one use only)
- Jagged spikes (one use only, but can place multiple traps).
- Sticky traps (cause why not)
- Chakram cloud thingy
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Sounds good.

May the force be with our players ;-)
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Grats DH Stoked you are still in it! It was my first roll, a curse of a class, and may Blizz have mercy on your skill tree.
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