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Updated Pre-Order Bonuses not at GameStop?

Ok so i pre-ordered diablo 3 for xbox 360 a few months ago, and got my poster and they told me about the infernal helm, but now they announced more pre ordered item bonuses for both consoles, and apparently i'm supposed to get, the angelic wings, and the 2 dyes. Thats awesome, but im confused or i'm simply misreading something, but i went into my local gamestop store, and asked them about the current in game bonuses for pre ordering diablo 3 for the xbox 360 and they said that there was just the poster and infernal helm, and nothing about the other stuff like the angelic wings at all. I even called most of the gamestops in my state, and the same answer, so i checked gamestop's website, and same thing there, same with amazon and walmart. But when i checked www.gamestop.ie and other game stops in other countries the extra pre order bonuses were listed there with the game, not just the infernal helm. So what gives? Do i still get the 2 dyes and angelic wings with my pre order of the game when its released even though it only lists just the infernal help or what, i've googled to find an answer but cannot find anywhere so i just need to clarify this with anyone.
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This is just my opinion, hopefully we get a blue reply on this. But from what I can make out, the other extra items are if you click the pre order link from the Diable website, so maybe its a pre order / referral deal. I could be wrong but that's what I make of it.
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Don't worry, EVERYONE who preorders gets the helm + other items. As listed here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/10174614/new-diablo%C2%AE-iii-console-preorder-bonuses-and-exclusives-6-11-2013#best

Gamestop simply has not updated there site/staff information. Even blizzard hasn't updated the original post about preorders just the new post saying you get it.

The way it will work is a download code you put into Xbox live/PSN, it is likely it will just be 1 code which gives all the items.
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Phew, i was a little scared too, all the extra things listed on the page where i preordere was the helm and a soundtrack
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Thanks guys, i appreciate it, just wanted to make sure. So hopefully your right.
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