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There's still hope for Diablo III

Two weeks ago I got SimCity 2013 as a gift from a dear friend along with its DLCs, and I already knew at the time that the game was totally garbage, that was targeted for people who call themselves "Gamers" on the iPad and Facebook. So I spent a around 30 hours into it and I regret every moment I spent in that game. I know that diablo's 3 always online requirement sucks, but it isn't that bad after all. Because I actually enjoy public games and playing with friends, checking out the AH and chatting with strangers about builds.

But in Simcity it's totally different since you required to have fake "friends" so you could just get your little sized city up and running partially. The game is totally bugged, people are angry, not a SINGLE post on their forum talks about the good sides of Simcity IF ANY. They're all complaining and want refunds. While EA is doing NOTHING about it. I didn't want to get into the problem because in the end, I got it as a gift for fixing a couple of dead computers for free from a friend.

When I got back to Diablo III, you actually see improvements, it's a good game but it's not a good diablo game at this stage, you know with the patches coming along after blizzcon. I mean at least blizzard is trying to fix the game and not leaving us hanging like what EA is doing right now.

But, if blizzard announces diablo's 3 expansion at blizzcon this year, then you can just go ahead and throw everything I've said into the garbage, because nobody's gonna make the same mistake twice, unless we actually see improvements in the game until the expansion is released.
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Nothing? Did you even read patch 2.0?

I know there are still issues, but can you tell me a bug you personally encountered?

Well D3 has been out a year now while Simcity has been out for 4 months. Yet a lot of people are still disappointed with d3 with the "big" patch probably going to be next year so make that 2 years.

I know I used this comparison before, but still irks me when people rant misinformation. I played Simcity at release as well as diablo and know about it both.
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Simcity is a fake game that's suitable for people under 12 who carry around their iPad to play on facebook:



The so called intelligent GlassBox that does "huge" amount of calculations on EA servers is actually just another game engine that can perfectly run on offline mode.

The city you can build is ridiculously small. ( like facebook games... )
You can't build a fully independent city (again just like today's facebook games)

For the bugs:
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACdu1ho2Ic4&feature=youtu.be
- Following a Sim is pointless because everyday they get a new family and a new job.. what's the point?

and there are tons more, 5 months and the game is unplayable.. at least I can have fun in Diablo III but without any aims or goals
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A recent survey issued by EA/Maxis hints at the possibility that SimCity (2013) might get an offline mode, terrain editor and significantly larger cities, amongst potentially lots of other things. A glimmer of hope they might actually fix up that mess of a game and give what players wanted in the first place.

I wouldn't hold my breath of what they make of the results. It's one thing to ask the players what they want, it's another to follow through with it.

Both Blizzard and Maxis are learning the hard way not to mess with their player base by telling them what they want or telling them what to think. This was recently evident with Microsoft and the way they handled the Xbox One.
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