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improving from here

So, i just cracked the 210k dps, Wondering how i can improve from here.

My question is to the elites on this forum, how i can go up in dps and improve my armor and AR. Arcane is a real nuisance in MP10. Any suggestions?
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Well congrats on breaking 200K......Its starts to get more and more difficult from here on out.....
You're on the right path build wise......but upgrades are going to get more expensive......Work on Armor and AR Shoot for 750 AR and at least 4200-4500 armor.......Arcane should not hit as hard..

the bottom line is more gold or $$$
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not an authority on cm wizards by any means, but a few items that stick out are:

New tal's chest - get either 750+ armor with 180+ int/vit or 60+ AR.
Shoulders - should be able to keep vit somewhat the same if you go for like an 80+ vit pair with over 260 int. you may lose a little vit, not sure tbh...but keep in mind, you can gain that vit back easily with an amethyst in helm (~4500 hp)
New chant wand - with the price of some of your items, I would invest ~400-500m in a 1130+ chants wand. mine cost 400m which was a slight deal.

you can also afford to drop some attack speed. with a 1.65 wand, i think you only need like 64% to get 2.74 aps. I would consider switching out your unity as you don't really need the LOH and either getting a CD/CC one or just a high dmg cd/cc ring with AR
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Neth...it's actually 66% to get 2.73....

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Yeah, you need 66% to get to 2.739 since 65% will only get 2.7225.
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when i have my Unity ring and Nat's i hit 3.05 attacks per second.

Edit: Ill swap out my rings right now for the purposes of this thread.
also, can someone explain to me what mit% and EHP are?

Edit #2: So you guys think i should drop some attack speed for more DPS? maybe a ring with AR CD and CC?
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