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SNS farming mod, obliteration+electrified.

Hi, just a thought for higher mp farming where sns can take a little too much time in larger groups, I've found that with high cc, deep freeze and being past 2.74 this is a nice little build modification.

obliteration is on eb, it gives larger area of effect, but less consistent proc and clunkier feel.
electrified magic weapon gives you dp on nearby enemies to your crits so it really takes advantage of the extra range you get from obliteration on eb.

Give it a shot, unless it's some secret that the community has kepty from me or more likely I just haven't noticed this build while I've been hiding under a rock, this is the best high mp farming build I've tried out.

Let me know if I'm missing something or if your results don't get higher aoe dps.
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There are many SNS wizards out there who run Electrify. However, the vast majority choose to use that skill slot for Wormhole Teleport spam instead for added defensive capabilities and maneuverability.

Obliterate has also been tested, but the damage output is far less because 3x 97% weapon damage from Chain Reaction adds to 291% compared to Obliterate's 225%. Sure, the latter hits a wider area, but it also has less chance to restore valuable AP, which is a big downside, especially against single targets.

Personal preferences, of course. Do what feels comfortable for you.
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if you have 2.74 aps I sometimes use meteor shower instead of EB... get a few tornadoes going and spam like 4 M showers and everything is destroyed. slow start but it kills everything on screen and it ends up being faster than EB.
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07/21/2013 12:44 PMPosted by Chinners
if you have 2.74 aps I sometimes use meteor shower instead of EB... get a few tornadoes going and spam like 4 M showers and everything is destroyed. slow start but it kills everything on screen and it ends up being faster than EB.

Interesting, but i'm not sure if you get a decent ap return as with chain reaction. Though I would personally would use liquefy since metoer shower is chaotic as f***k.
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You won't get as decent arcane return using obliterate, it's there to synergize with electrify + shocling aspect to crit a larger number of targets. The reason I was playing with it was to try out an aoe style sns and I was very happy with the results although it's definately inferior on single targets.

Have a look at what happens when you're surrounded by a room full on mp10 with that setup though.

(I also normally use safe passage or wormhole in my spare slot.)

edit: (I personally like to replace ww with meteor in some of my old setups, but you can't replace eb with it because it takes an attack turn and I think the spare slot is a waste as meteor.)
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that spare slot you have for electrify is nice, but in group play it should always be time warp. electrify for solo if you like but group = time warp

you want this because it's a buff of 20% for everyone and it is a good visual focal point for everyone and it helps monks bring mobs into the perfect spot for the whole group. wiz sets the marker and starts freezing as the monk brings all teh hordes into the timewarp while barb/wd/dh bring out the dps to evaporate them then move to the next lot.
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Let us not forget that arcane orb takes an attack turn.

Frost Nova + WW + Orb? I see a massive hit to the multipliers of SNS with that introduction.

If you were to get your Deep Freeze off and then say, abandon Frost Nova for Arcane Orb, then i suppose there might be something to say for this.

That being said, executing the above mentioned gameplay would require either:

A) Micromanagement...and I'm not talking about "having an idea of how to do it", we're talking "Totalitarian" levels of Micromanagement...the kind of Micromanagement that would have Stalin looking at you and saying, "Relax".
B) A Macro...which of course, would = banned.
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^ Explosibe blast, obliteration. (It's an eb rune that increase it's radius.)

edit: (My bad, I called it obliteration instead of obliterate.)
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Leaving my post up for Lolz. My bad.
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