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Firebats, looking for advice/gearing

So I've been interested in this build since I partied with one that just ripped through ubers. Figured I'd try it out since I'm already geared on my Wiz and could share much of the gear. Here is what I got for MP10, I know I could probably use a bit more life:

3250 armor~ run jungle fortitude
211k dps~ unbuffed
~3111 INT
~940 VIT
~770 AR
5.6 life steal

My problems are ranged mobs and reflect damage packs.

I need to pretty much take out ranged mobs one at a time with spirit walk/souls which is annoying and just super slow. Does cloud of bats radius scale with pickup radius or something? You have to be right next to something to hit it. And some mob types you can be right next to them but if you're on a certain side you still won't hit. Even melee mobs can stand outside your CoB radius and hit you.

For RD packs even with 5.6% life steal, if I wind up CoB on them its like instant death. Could this be a ping time problem? It's like LS isn't proc'ing for the first half second. My other jobs have no problem on RD packs with similar life steal.

Thanks for the help!
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PaulNG has a really great CoB guide that should answer all of your questions and more.

You need more armor for mp 10, aim for around 4k. Get rid of your pants for some rare's with 2 sockets and armor, you don't need to run fast you need more ehp :)

Cob does not scale with Pur if it did no one would use any other hero because it would be OP. You should not be killing yourself on reflect packs so quickly so idk what the problem is other than a tad bit low on armor and all res. Swapping for some new pants will fix that problem.

I see your frustration with Cob's low radius and this is why I like to use bears in my build for those guys that run or are just out of range. Some people like to use WoS to help with this problem. You can support bears and Cob with your Skorn for sure.
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Thanks Tocean. Good idea on the pants and the slower run speed might actually make it easier to gather mobs without losing them to distance. I've also been looking at some good vile wards and armored witching hour to get closer to 4k armor. Will lose a negligible amount of dps, but that would be ok.
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i have 12% ms. 24 is over rated unless you are use to it but with the increase in mobs, it doesnt bother me so much. all my characters have only 12.
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No problem! Losing a tiny bit of dps is definitely okay. Always have to be as balanced as possible.
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