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PvE during brawling tagged games

I am really annoyed by people who create brawling tagged games and slay monsters the whole time while in them.

When I tell them, "This is a PvP game, you should leave and recreate the game without a PvP tag." They get angry and say that they can do whatever they want and if I do not like it I can leave. I wish it was that simple, because when I leave and search for a new PvP game, it leads me right back to the one I just left. I search each individual act, however, I either find more people PvEing or I am in a game where I am outmatched. I do this over and over again until I hit my input limit.

So when I reach my input limit and I am stuck in this PvP tagged PvE game, I try to explain to them that they are making it hard for people to search for PvP games by them stubbornly staying in this game. So as I am waiting until I can do another search, I continuously observe the same people entering and exiting the game, probably going through the same thing I just did. Overall, it is not fair to brawlers that their searches are hindered because these PvEers want to do what they feel like regardless of the tagging system, which is in place to eliminate this problem.

I do not get why you would want to stay in a game, solely to kill monsters, where everyone else in it is brawling. It would be better for them to join a monster slaying tagged game or have created one in the first place. Most of the time, you cannot kick these people and you just have to play a game where slots are occupied by non-brawlers. What does everyone else do in these situations?
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I fully agree with you. Have had the same problem many times! When PvP players are majority, we can try to kick the non PvP player. Otherwise, there is nothing to do.
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Laugh at those kids, as Brawling-tagged games are mp0. Laugh at them when they die. Or insult them. I do the latter a lot.
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07/19/2013 08:28 AMPosted by Ontario
Laugh at those kids, as Brawling-tagged games are mp0. Laugh at them when they die. Or insult them. I do the latter a lot.

This. Also, try to get friends in the game so you can vote kick them.

PROTIP: If you're trying to vote kick someone in your game, but you don't think everyone else will vote on your side, start insulting everybody and then put the vote kick message as "VOTE TO KICK 'yourname'" (i.e "VOTE TO KICK KEFKA"). The noobs will think they're voting to kick YOU, when they're actually voting to kick one of their own.
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07/19/2013 08:31 AMPosted by Kefka

Thank you, I going to have to try this one out.
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