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giving away unid legendaries and gold

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I boycott twitch.tv for D3 streamers. Let the parasites get a real job.
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07/25/2013 04:08 AMPosted by DeadRu
I boycott twitch.tv for D3 streamers. Let the parasites get a real job.

So I guess youtubers like pewdiepie and the yogscast crew that make a living off of playing/talking about games are "parasites" as well, huh?

I totally disagree. It's not like their unaware of their audience. They entertain, they do giveaways, they give to charity, they assist others and they essentially market the game. If they get paid support it's for a good reason.

I think your definition of "real job" is ancient.
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Strange, this post was give aways. Don't see how the person making money off giving away stuff..

Have more respect man :D.

These streamers employ the technique of baiting viewers under the guise of "free legendaries and gold". In actuality, they are simply practicing manipulative profiteering via ad revenue. Boycott all streamers, they are a cancer to gaming. No respect for these villainous scum.
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Scum? Youre jealous or something? Whats the problem with them, I dont see really any. Are you forced to throw your money at them or something?

As long as they dont DEMAND money just to watch them, where is the problem? Do it, or dont? I really dont care about those streamers, but they do help to keep a game alive, and thats worth something, there are good streamers and there are bad ones. Chose the one you like, watch him, or dont. I think its boring to watch others play game if you could play it by your self, but some sure do interesting stuff, talking about the game and maybe explaining you how things work. Theory crafting if you want so.
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where is the problem?

It is just spam to get viewers

Ignore it then?

they do help to keep a game alive

I don't think so.

so, people like either Kriparian, Moldran, King Kongor or even if you want that anoying Athene dont do anything to explain people how they play and why they are succesfull? Moldran took the time to explain in DETAIL how he flips items, Kriparian doing a lot of theory crafting and explaining drop mechanics and why its pointless to hunt for loot.

You can hate them, you can find them anoying, but be at leats honest about the service they offer to the game. Do you sit around 12-13 ours a day testing the maps, monsters, drop mechanics, where you "might" get the best loot? If its worth to farm Mp10 for example? Do you get more EXP in Act 3? More itms in playing Vota? And so on. I sure dont. You DO benefit from those people afterall, if they come up with builds or some mechanic that you use AS WELL.

So dont act like you know them all or what ever. I think to watch some stream is totally boring, because I could simply play the game by my self. But it is sometimes interesting to watch those people TALK about the game that I play as well, if only to hear some OPINION. I would never pay money to do that nor would I "donate" money to them. But hey? If some other people want to just do that. Why not? Its not like I care what people do with their money or their time. Those streamers are just gamers that play a hell lot for me. They are not super stars nor some special person. But one should be at leats honest and apreciate that they take some time to look behind the mechanics in the game AND to explain their opinion to people.
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