Diablo® III

Where is everyone?

chat channels are quiet but the public games are still normal. what did they do yesterday?
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07/17/2013 03:05 PMPosted by TheRobi
things aren't really selling in ah either

And the trade forum it is all "WTS", two months ago it was all "WTB" threads.
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07/17/2013 05:51 PMPosted by EradicatOr
chat channels are quiet but the public games are still normal. what did they do yesterday?

I don't join chat channel in Diablo 3 and I suspect most players do not either.

Yesterday was Part 2 of the Diablo Incgamers interview. The interview was not was we anticipated. I doubt that's the reason though.
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07/17/2013 04:17 PMPosted by Hazemaker
i fear it's officially dead.

are you people really this slow? the game is only officially dead now?

im sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but the game died a long long time ago, you know, when 75% of the pop stopped playing?
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Tech support says "nothing has changed"

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These r the same guys that said nothing was happening when people found out how to dupe gold lol... Sorry but something is up...
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clearly they just banned the bots which makes up vast majority of public channel population.
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07/17/2013 12:38 PMPosted by DragonLight
agree. Now I also see only 3-15. no way everyone quit because of what happen yesterday

what happen yesterday?
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We're investigating right now - I just checked with Omrakos (who was quoted earlier), and we're finding the number of players in the channels is not consistent with what is expected with the games that are being played. The systems administrators have been notified and I'll do my best to provide an update when one's available.

Thanks for your patience everyone!
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What is this, a BUG?!?!?

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Glad to hear it Araxom. I know I poked Omrakos earlier on it to point him to the posts on General. Thank you both for looking into it and providing updates. Hopefully it will be resolved by next Maintenance day.
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Hash I used to see you selling WD off hands all the time.

Items for sale in trade channels have dropped off.
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Game is still sad and broken. I refused to play it unless brothers are interested at the time. I hate AH3.
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I was under the impression that the bots were gone and only players were left?!
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