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Where is everyone?

07/18/2013 10:59 PMPosted by ZOMGWTFBBQ
The black magic which is server maintenance is sometimes beyond even my powers of understanding.

Yeah me too.. especially when nothing is really done and nothing will be done til Nov. I am very sure you guys are working hard to track hackers and bots with all these updates. If not.. WHAT ELSE CAN IT BE?

Dude...the bots moulded the rich pigs that is now called blizzard!Banwaves?!? Yeah right.
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Why would anyone want to play this game before the itemization patch?

I uninstalled weeks ago.

Then why troll the forums?
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I left every channel the day I bought the game... others may have done the same.
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They woke up and saw what they were playing. Very few people have the tenacity to stay with this game, particularly if you don't use the RMAH.
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07/19/2013 02:50 PMPosted by hawkeye
They woke up and saw what they were playing. Very few people have the tenacity to stay with this game, particularly if you don't use the RMAH.

Yep. Basically, nearly the only people left are the ones playing AH tycoon.

BUT, the AH tycoons need a player base to supply gear to the AH and to also buy the flipped merchandise or their money making scheme dries up. It's a supply/demand thing, and because those things are both sliding, even the AH tycoons begin to close up shop.

I predicted this many many months ago. It was the inevitable end to a poorly implemented money grab system.
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LOL They're all on the AH buddy. Haven't reinstalled the game yet after a recent reformat. Still seeing too many of these threads when I do my weekly forum check.

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I also noticed the lower number of players in the channel, but wrote it off to the summer vacations.

But also, I play from 2 to 4 hours in one sitting, and for the past 2-3 days, nobody has talked in the channels. Thought that was strange, too.

Glad they found the cause.
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Maybe people (like me) are just sick of waiting a year for an update that solves things that should have been fixed on daily or weekly updates...or waiting years for the itemization patch they have wanted from the start.
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07/17/2013 12:34 PMPosted by JimmyJump
Gold inflation + lack of drops + no new content anytime soon has seriously hurt the playerbase.

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07/17/2013 02:52 PMPosted by Hazemaker
how is this a tactic to get us to use rmah?

no clue really, one thing for sure is it's impossible to sell anything in chat atm. good luck even getting a reply in chat. they're all dead.

Haze, if you don't have an answer, please don't throw out wild speculations. You throw out the wild speculation that it's a tactic to get peeps to RMAH, then when someone asks how... You pretty much go "i dunno". Come on! Think about it before you speak up.
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So wait, was there ever an update to this? I always thought it was shady that there were something like 29k channels and they had 10-20 ppl in them.

Why wouldn't it just be 15k full channels?

I understand there are less people playing, but unless there are fewer than 20 people playing, everyone should just be in full channels with maybe a couple that are in the process of being filled/emptied.
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07/18/2013 11:20 AMPosted by DoomBringer

The black magic which is server maintenance is sometimes beyond even my powers of understanding. Basically, as I understand it - new equipment was put in and this kinda/sorta changed how the system looked at the grouping of chat channels. The affect to the chat channels wasn't something that was intended - but you all were right, something (is) definitely up. So, we've confirmed that and are currently working on resolving it.

Black magic bars our way (to chat channel), but the will of a Blizzard Employee is stronger?

*Snickering* Nice one, DoomBringer!
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I'd been told that there's a new Itemization Issue coming in January, and that peeps generally have bailed until then.

Sorry, but it's sad that people are so skittish to interact with the game because of an update that is six months down the line.

Sure, you may spend hundreds of millions on an item now then find out in January/February that you'll get a drop that's better, but... Why sit stagnant until then? Why leave the selling/buying interaction in limbo for others just cause you want to wait until six months down the line?
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