Diablo® III

Where is everyone?

I just got back after a year break. Starting a wizard. Don't mind the bugged chats. The silence and seclusion reminds me of Diablo 1.
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One of the biggest reasons I was (and only still barely am) still playing is because of finding new players to chat with, help, make a few runs with, or whatever in the basically FULL chat channels. Now that's gone? and even my friends list is fading fast, as it seems everyone is disappearing from the game.

Whatever the problem is, fix it - and fix it FAST. Or pretty soon we're all going to be talking about D3 in the past tense.
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Blue update is over in Tech Support http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9499810139?page=2#22

There was a partial fix implemented in today's maintenance but the devs didn't expect it to have much impact at this time. The root cause of the issue is something different that they've devised another fix for but it won't be able to be applied until a later date, possibly requiring a client-side patch.

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Apparently when they installed hardware last week (for load balancing maybe?) it somehow changed chat channel distribution. Looks like they are working on it but that the half they finished is not the half that shows results.
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"Later date" better come sooner than later. The damage is already setting in, and too long will be too late.
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thats the actual amount of people on these forums... is?
from 70 to 20? They are literally lame and should be displayed differently... In d2 they looked amazing and we could see who was in the channel (their characters) on the bottom bar.
Not saying D2 > D3, but some aspects need a rework... Listed games was definitely great..
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I can't make money anymore since I used to at least make money off unids and now they wont even sell. No point in playing since there is no progression and no paragon levels are not good progression.
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07/23/2013 04:13 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
Can we just have battlenet 1.0 back? Pretty please? This battlenet 0.2 is not working out.

Yes this is the perfect example of bringing back a legacy product because the new version is nowhere as good.
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Yup, Still terriable. Chat is dead. 7-10 players max.. ARG
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not a bug as bli$$ wants you to believe, people actually stopped playing
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07/23/2013 04:34 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
Nah, mr. pie. The chatrooms were broken last week. Chat rooms went from "normal" to empty after the maintenance. They broke something. I don't understand how something this simple could go so horribly wrong.

then you certainly don't know anything about programming. :)
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i'm here dawg!
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