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10 Bil to Spend...Barb or Monk?

So I got 10 bil to spend and I'm not sure what Character I should gear for PvP Barb or Monk?

I noticed the Monk is better 1v1 and usually has to go with a glass cannon build with high burst damage, but dies really easily in FFA. The Monk doesn't really have sufficient healing for PvP, but they do have a CC break. Plus the Monk beats the Barb 9 times outa 10, if their equally geared.

While the Barb does better in FFA since he is way more of a tank, but has trouble doing enough damage since Rend is basically his only attack. With no CC break or invulnerability skill the Barb is stuck relying on good ehp/regen to survive. I feel like the only strategy for a Barb in is to Rend and run.

I like the burst damage of the Monk but hate how easy I die in FFA. I like the survivability of the Barb but hate how I cant kill anyone 1v1.

Please help me decide
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well i notice the barb is way more complex since they need fury in pvp, with 10b i believe u could make the ultimate dodgeing assasin of a monk like invis
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Honestly I know Im going to have to buy a couple items for farming, so I'm really looking at 6-8 Bil on PvP gear. (dont want to spend all of it) :)

I love the burst damage of the monk, but I am a very aggressive player and dying easily is very frustrating in FFA. 1v1 the Monk is amazing cause you start with full resource and nothing on cooldown. After dying in PvP I start with less than 1/2 spirit, and after my mantra I only have 50 spirit or so left. Getting 6-8 spirit regen really gimps my dps/ehp even further and I hate portal healing.

The dodge chance is one of the main reasons I switched to a Monk, but skills like Haunt and Rend just destroy me. Monks also have terrible healing we have to stack 20-30k +hp to potions, since we have no %max life per sec and crap life regen skills.

The Barb is such a better tank than the Monk, but I hate not being able to kill anyone. With Rend pretty much being the Barbs only attack, you have to Rend and run every 4-5 secs. Which I don't mind doing but after the last Patch WD and DH heal as much if not more than Barbs. With DH's now having 4k-8k life per sec, as long as they have enough hp to survive the Rend they can heal back to full hp no problem. Plus while using Smoke Screen and Spirit Walk they take no damage from Rend.

So what would you do????

Try to get my Monk's EHP high enough to survive FFA while keeping good enough dps?

Or gear my Barb (plvl 65) and hope I can get enough damage to kill with 1 Rend?
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10 bil? You can only go ehp on a barb for pvp and that's no fun imo. I tried gearing a barb with 7 bil.. they are no fun imo. Go for monk if you like monks. But if you want a well rounded pvp character. WD is hands down the best overall. They can tank and do huge dps. Add me if you need help gearing a wd. Actually I aid in gearing any class really...
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