Diablo® III

HC Plevel

I.E: LF PLEVEL 43-60

DH 220k DPS/ 950k EHP.
Power level 25-60 including Cain's Set
Act 3 MP 10 Keep Depths Runs
25-50 Nightmare <1 hour
50-60 Hell <40 minutes
Times with Hellfire, Leorics, Cains and RS Ruby.

Level 25-50: 6k HP- 25k HP
Level 50-60: 25k HP- 35k HP
Yes, these numbers are important. As long as you aren't 1 shot by anything other than Fallen Maniac, you will not die. This includes fire, elite ranged, and so on.

Why this is free:
-When I first started a month ago I hadn't played SC or D3 at all and it was extremely difficult to start out. Everyone wanted money from me for help when I had a net worth of 100,000.
-Because not everyone has the 12m lying around for standard rate Powerleveling.
-Because 50-60 is just plain dangerous. You basically have to play in Hell, with trash equipment, unless you have decent level reduce gear- which again, is expensive.
-Because many people need to be able to farm Inferno before they can afford such services.

-Must be level 25 with Socketed Helm with Ruby inserted. Cain's Sets available for your use.
-Maximized Vit (at level 25 you should be pushing 6k hp). Can help you with this.
-Aware of surroundings/ Disconnect awareness. I use Turrets for increased safety. I will not allow you to die. If you do die, you were doing something stupid.

-Vent, Skype, or TS with Microphone (for your own safety)
-Hellfire &or Leorics
-Don't draw aggro from doors opposite directions from the way I am clearing, have had issues with people doing this and having two elite packs in opposite directions.
-Stay exactly 1 room behind me inside turret line of sight. Too far, might die. Too close, might die.
-Please, if you message me, be ready to go. It's really disappointing when I have to wait 15 minutes for you to get gear or prepare when the run is only 45 minutes long.
-Don't stop to grab loot, and keep up with others. Speed is essential.

Honestly, leveling 1-25 is the longest part of pleveling for the pleveler, but also the quickest for the plevelee to just solo, plus safest as you unlock your main vitality sources at level 15 with sockets which increase exponentially with stats and sockets over the next few levels.

*If I remove you from friends list it is to make room for the 20 or so friend requests I get per day. If you still need a Plevel and this happens make sure to let me know.

Edited by Sol#1136 on 7/28/2013 10:26 PM PDT
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Starting in 5 minutes Sol#1136
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I've been getting a lot of messages from people.

The reason why I am not interested in powerleveling people from 1-25 is threefold.

First, you are too weak. You might die. You don't get decent vitality gear until you can max out as many slots with amethysts at level 15 as possible.
Secondly, the way D3 Exp works, it just so happens that when you are being powerleveled in normal, it is slow. Very slow. Nightmare doesn't unlock until level 25. That also happens to be when Cain's set is unlocked. Which, combined with a decent Ruby in your cain's helm, is +60% experience.
Thirdly, is specialization. If I'm trying to power level people, it's better to do a few people at time. If I'm only worried about, for the most part, Nightmare, with small stints in Hell, this becomes logistically easier for me.

Hope that explains this for people who are confused.
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Starting another 50-60 now
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Done for the night:
60 x 1
55 x 2
50 x 4
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He Helped me out alot, Very safe runs, they are fast and no hiccups, (:
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Good Guy Sol!! GG
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Got me to 55-60 very fast and even beat diablo for me! Thanks
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Very nice! Great to see someone willing to help without a fee attached.
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Did ten people this weekend, I'm probably done for a few days. I might do a few Hell 50-60s during the week since that's the most difficult and dangerous to solo.
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This is good to see nice work Sol on giving back. Much respect
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Probably run a few more people in Hell around 1500 PST
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Finished my tenth free level 60 today.
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Ran into Sol in a pub farm game and he mentioned he was leveling some1 not only did i get to jump in and get carried along but he loaned me his complete cains set and leorics. all i had to do was not die. +1 +1
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Are you still pleveling people?
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Id like help when I hit 25. Just had to reroll due to dc. Thanks for doing this for everyone.
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Bump - helpful Plevel, and fast!
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I sent you a friend request, I'm more worried about clearing some mules and giving away my cain's pieces then the leveling bit, but I have a bad habit of dying so if you do feel like leveling another guy, I'm level 54 or something at the moment.
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