Diablo® III

Fun for now....

Biggest problems are

CD too low
Weird Vit distribution.

CD being too low is a simple fix, ditch the marquise rubies in the hand crossbows for emeralds.

Vit distribution is not optimal and you to lose main stat because of it. You are loading vit on your shoulders when it is more efficient to get it from armor pieces that are able to double roll Vit, which are the chest piece and pants. I would switch pants to Innas with 150+ Vit and socket with emeralds. Craft dex archon shoulders or get vile wards with 250+ dex and some Vit. Get Nat's boots with some vit.
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not helpful at all, waste someone else's time

You have double my eHP and less than 100k eDpS more than mine, your gear is worth 5B, probably more AND DH is your main...... Your comment is basically null dude

UH no dude.

1) you are using steady aim

2) you are using archery

3) you have a bunch of Marquise amythest and Emeralds.
-- huge waste of gold
4) your vita is only 900

5) my UNBUFFED DPS is 286k
----- yours is not
6) your actual DPS is less than 176k unbuffed DUMBY!!!

7) if i put on a crit chance mempo my gear would DESTROY YOUR DH

8) look at your actual stats bud and mine



9) get you facts straight before you start going at people
----- if we all say you did a bad job at gearing then you probably did.

10) i would be willing to help you gear out better if you want.
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If you wanted HELP on gearing you Dh you could have asked that.

you asked " how did i do "

" you did terrible sir "

if you want some help that is a different question.
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Because you are DW, hp will be a problem. You need to get some vit items like high vit inna's temperance/vast expanse. Then you can replace the vit gems with dex gems which lets you gain both hp and dex at the cost of the armor. Generally speaking once you have ~ 400 resist/4k armor, you can just stack vitality from here.

For DW, you should put both weapons w/ emeralds instead of rubys. Different case when using only one 1h + quiver.
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Hmmmm. My post vanished into the ether.

Re-writing it again.

So I guess I was really looking for advice from a DW DH, sorry for being hostile, just the WD forums aren't quite like this :(

anyone who DW's have any advice for me?

'DW advice please?' is generally more welcomed than 'I bought a DH, how is s/he?'
Partially because of the tone, partially because it's hard to answer a non-specific question. Surely you know that feeling when your gf/wife asks 'how do I look in this?'

Kirus and Redcell are the resident DW experts here, you really should take a look at what they're doing. I DW once in a while, here is my take. How do I look?

We're more or less equal, but the difference is that I spent less than a fifth what you did. The reason most of us here agree that your gold/money is wasted, is because of all those marq gems. Now, marq gems, in and of themselves isn't a problem, in fact they're very good if you have the spare gold, and your gear is already there. Your problem however, is that your gear is cheap compared to your gems.

Each marq gem is about 85m, x 8 = 650~700ish m. Equipping yourself with nothing but flawless squares while spending the remainder on gear would've been a much wiser investment.

How do we improve your gear?
Let's start with your chest.
For half the price of any one of your gems, you could've gotten one with 150 dex and 200 vit. In fact, I just sold a 170 dex 190 vit 11% life for 40m last week.

For 20m, you could've gotten a pair of pants with 60 resists or 100 vit. Or one with 150 dex if you were so inclined.

Your Mempo, while really really rad, doesn't fit much the rest of your gear. I personally think a Nat's sight with CC and Nat's boot for CC bonus, and 2 rare rings is much better value for money(gold?). Of course, your boots could be much better too. As above, you could've gotten one with over 200 dex for a tenth the cost of any one gem, or similar dex and some vit.

Another option is Nat's sight + Nat's ring with 40% CD and a pair of Ice climbers for the eHP, or Zuni boots for moar DPS.
http://d3up.com/i/13072787 - 10m maybe?
http://d3up.com/i/12972356 - definitely less than 10m.
http://d3up.com/i/11569279 - 500k.

Your WH is nice. Some people have mentioned an Inna's with 8% holy damage and some resist/vit may be better overall. I think either is fine though I prefer WH for the attack speed. If you pick the Inna's belt, you can put on a Nat's cloak for similar eHP, a skill bonus, more discipline and another 130 dex. I go with the Inna's because I don't like the way the Nat's cloak look. I'm weird that way.

Your weapons, their price aside, you would do better with emeralds instead of rubies in them. The reason why emeralds are better, is because that rubies only benefit the weapon they're slotted in, whereas emeralds benefit both weapons by way of raising your overall damage.

Maybe you went with rubies because you thought that your crit chance was too low for your crit damage to make any difference and so you opted for more average damage. While that is right in theory, the better solution would've been to get more crit chance. Because crit damage is where it's at when you're dual wielding.

TLDR; you could've gotten gear with more dps, vit and resist using the same gold you spent on the gems. I'm not saying you wasted gold crafting those gems, just that people usually max out their gear before maxing out their gems. You kinda did the things the other way round.
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Thank you for actual information and critism. I must say I dislike when people assume '"tone" in written text. Anyone living in the corporate world can simpathize with that. Where I am coming from is all of the wonderful contributers in the WD forum. You can throw up any title and you will get 5-15 responses with no sense of judgement and with real advice. Sorry if anyone "feels" like I am a jackass but was being genuine actually.

I understand the focus on Vit here but I have always been a huge fan of Armor over HP. The more the merrier of course but how I judge survivablity is how many hits I can take. Currently I can survive 2-5 hits on mp10. Without testing this, I could probably guess that when I get rid of all my armor pieces and switch to Vit, I will have about the same amount of hits before I die. I did a lot of testing this with my WD though they have build in AResist. Currently I have 320-370 resists and fairly high armor rating.

What are your thoughts on this?

I respect and appreciate your further advice on my character. I guess I never really mentioned this but I read up a little and just bought gear. I seriously converted my DH to where he is at in probably just 2 hours or so. By no means has this been a "project". I just threw him together to see what I could come up with, then I was asking for advice after that. By no means is he finished and i look forward to getting my skills better adjusted.

Also, I have made almost all my gems. Ya'll can ask my friends, I have been a gem junkie since day 1 and made quite a lot off selling gems. I only spent 40M making those 2 greenie's. I had the rest already made :)
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I understand the focus on Vit here but I have always been a huge fan of Armor over HP. The more the merrier of course but how I judge survivablity is how many hits I can take. Currently I can survive 2-5 hits on mp10. Without testing this, I could probably guess that when I get rid of all my armor pieces and switch to Vit, I will have about the same amount of hits before I die. I did a lot of testing this with my WD though they have build in AResist. Currently I have 320-370 resists and fairly high armor rating.

What are your thoughts on this?

It's not that a DH necessarily needs to focus on vit, but that a DW DH tends to have less vit and mitigation than one with a quiver because of the reduced vit. Not to say that DW is inferior, but that it is a different play style. Kirus has a video some pages back that you might want to watch. It shows him 'semi-tanking' mp10 with a low ehp DW build. Low as relative to what most people consider necessary for mp10, which is terribly arbitrary anyway.

There seems to be a general consensus that ~4000 armour, ~400 resist and ~40k hp is a good base to start from. Tweak as necessary from there if you must, but it's not an ironclad rule.

You're right that as a WD (and wiz), it's easier for you to focus on armour as you basically have in-built resists whereas a DH will need to find a balance between either or. In return, the DH has the almighty Shadow power - Gloom, leading some people to think it unnecessary to stack much ehp, and instead focus on pure dps.

There was a time when I tried to stack as much vit and %life as I could too, generally hanging somewhere around 80k hp with 200 resists. Nowadays I've switched to 40~50k hp and ~400 resists. My survivability is much improved despite having two thirds my previous HP.

While armour is nice to have and does provide some good mitigation, not a lot of DH gear has armour in it. It's much easier to find those with resist, and hope that it comes with some strength. I've never tried stacking armour at the expense of resists before so I can't say for sure which more effective, but I do know that resist gear is easier to find. If you want armour AND resist, consider getting the blackthorne sets instead. I can't think of anyone off the top of my mind now (Iria maybe?) but there are a few PVP focused DHs that use blackthornes that you could reference.

We can theorycraft till the cows come home but what you really need to do now, is to get more experience playing a DH and the various builds, especially as you've admitted to spending little more than a couple hours on yours.

You seem to have the luxury of being gold-rich, so you have a lot more leeway in the kinds of builds you can try. Even then, I wouldn't spend too much money on gear. I would advise that you get a cheap version of each of the major weapons, a windforce, a calamity and a manticore, and rotate between them to see which you find more enjoyable. Or if you even do find a DH enjoyable at all, it certainly isn't for everybody. Then start looking to build your DH from that.
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1 billion for that dps and Ehp.

huge waste.

07/23/2013 12:13 PMPosted by The47thSen
I'd say you poured 900m down the drain.

Not sure where you guys are coming from on this, the Mempo by itself is worth 500 mil.

Edited for niceness
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07/26/2013 11:18 AMPosted by DoubleD
Not sure where you guys are coming from on this, the Mempo by itself is worth 500 mil.

Some individual pieces by itself are not that bad, but when you look at his gearset as a whole it was really not budgeted properly IMO. It's imbalanced towards a few pieces, which makes it non-optimal.

It's already been critiqued already but to give another example, let's look at his innas pieces. By my estimate including gems:

Innas Chest - ~10-15 million gold
3 x Marquise Amethyst - ~185 Million gold

Innas Pants - ~5 million gold
2 x Marquise Emeralds - ~125 million gold

So total he probably spent around ~315 million gold on his current setup.

Instead if he had bought the following:

Innas Chest 170dex/75Vit/ 65 AR - ~115 million gold
3 x Radiant Emeralds - ~75 million gold

Innas pants 175 vit/8% Attack speed - ~70 million gold
2 x Radiant Star Emerald - ~52 million gold

Thats also roughly ~315 million gold.

If I simulate it in D3up he would have gained 10k DPS, 17K EHP, ~150 more dex (for more dodge) and 2% more damage mitigation. For the same amount of gold used.

And I only modified two pieces. If I downgraded the gems from radiant emeralds to perfect star emerald and used the ~100 million or so saved to upgrade other pieces, the benefits would be even greater....
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Tried DW with significantly higher stat Danetta's bows. Wasn't impressed. Manticore/WF/(and to a lesser extent) Calamity + DML will be better than DW Danteea's. Dropping Danetta's Revenge for a decent DML could net you +26k DPS and +76k eHP (or more).

Nat's chest in a 3x set will get you the same +130 DEX as the 2x Inna's, plus DH specific rolls.

Not sure I would classify you as a "melee" DH. More of a glass cannon I'm thinking.

PS: you asked.
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Switch Revenge to a decent 1h Rare xbow but gd ones are quite ex.

View my profile to have an idea.

My mid mp setup, tried mp10 with this setup and is about 25-30% less effective than dml & cala(kill spd that is but that setup has 30k more paper dps).
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right! funny how people are not constructive

TY, effort was appreciated

Significant is a bit overstating, mine are top notch
edit:My "melee" DH was a stun build with Azurewrath and Stormshield, kinda like a CM Wiz, back when Ubers first came out

What I really would like to say is that I have had a blast playing DH recently.
Depending on MP and ACT, I can switch up different skills and still do quite well.
I am not trying to say I am amazing but I am having fun again and I thank those that gave me advice
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