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System for playing WOW, or D3 (CHeapish)

So, I was bored and decided to make a simple system for playing Wow, or D3. I kept it cheap, but didn't compromise where it counts (Mobo,PSU). I tried to stay away from deals that won't be around at a later time. This is by no means the cheapest you can put this system together, and, one or two of the items (HDD n DVD burner) can be bought as a bundle. I stayed away from SDD, since it's double the price of an HDD.

The case I chose is by no means the only choice, I picked it because it's just big enough to fit an after market cooler, has modern options, and ranks right up there with the Antec 300 when keeping your system cool at 10 bucks less.

This is more of a guide to go by if you want to build a system that can handle most games you throw its way. Don't expect running everything at max, I mean, you get what you pay for, but, this system should keep the average gamer happy (If you're not average make your own system :).

The PSU I picked is 80 rated, but only 500W. This should be more than enough for what's in the system, and doing some Over clocking. Want to add a *2nd GPU, I'd suggest a 650W card, 80 rated.

The after market cooler I picked is the standard goto, CM Hyper 212 evo. This is optional, if you don't plan on over clocking, you won't need it. It just barely fits in the case I selected, but it fits. Want a bigger case? There are some good options for 20 - 30 dollars more, Cooler master Storm scout 2 can be bought on sale for 70ish here and there, I like the RoseWill R5 myself, it's large and can be found on sale for 59.99 at times.

*The motherboard I picked is 8+2, the cheapest you'll find one, basically. It has 1 PCIe x 16, and one PCIe x 4. This means the Mobo is less than ideal for running duel cards, the x 4 will take a 2nd card, but, it will bottleneck. If you want the most out of your card, go with 990, and not 970. Just make sure it's 8+2 if you plan on over clocking.

So, here it is.

Rosewill Challenger

Corsair CX500


GB 970A UD3

PowerColor HD 7850 2Gb

Team Vulcan 8Gb (2x4) DDR3 1600

Seagate Barracuda 1TB 64MB 7200 RPM

Asus DVD/Burner

*Aftermarket CPU cooler
CM Hyper 212 Evo

Total in cart: 690.91

There are discounts, and bundles that would lower this price, I'm not taking that into consideration. Once again, the Aftermarket cooler is optional, also, if you want a blu-ray player, it's going to cost more.

You might notice I didn't add a OS (aka windows 7) this will add 90 - 100 to the cost of the system. I also didn't add in a monitor, or keyboard and mouse, Assume at least another 150 if you need these also.

Anyway, this is not the best deal for the money you can get right now, this is simply a system which will work well, and the general price of items right now.

Good luck.
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This should run D3 at 1080P.

If you wait around for deals, you should be able to make this system for at least $100 less that the 690 stated.

The Mobo was on sale the other day for 84.99, this sale is common.

PSU (or the CX500M) is on sale at times (w/mail in) for 34.99

The GPU is 6% off right now (150).

The *Ram was 52.99 a week or two ago. Common sale.

So, this system can be put together for less than 600 if you buy on sale over say 2 months.

*Don't believe the BS, Team Vulcan Ram is quality ram, only people who seem to have problems with it are friends of friends.
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decent build, well done
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