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Sustained active players on PS3/4?

First a few facts about me:
1: PC only gamer.
2: D3 lover
3: Quitted D3 because of botters and dupings.
4: Willing to buy both PS3 or/and PS4 system just for D3 only.

My question:
How many sustained active players do you think there will be on PS3 or PS4?

I am asking this because last time I played a console was like Nintendo 64 and have no idea about just how large the console gaming community really is compared to PC.
I guess it is the case for most of people wont constantly have RL friends to play it. Without AH, it already loses much feel of interaction already, how suck it will be if you link some really good gear in chat and no one every say anything. So without enough active player online, this game really loses most of the fun to me.
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If the online component and trading is your thing, you can for sure do that in the console version, it just won't be as easy to do so.

I'm buying the console version to play offline where I want, better drops, so less time farming and so I can lounge on my sofa naked.
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If botting and duping was your issue with the PC version I'm confused. You realize editing characters and duping items will be a way bigger problem for console, right?

Character profiles are stored to local HDD/USB so before long there will be player's running around with perfect gear and 1mil + unbuffed DPS.

Also, is botting an issue for you because of the effect on economy/AH? Because the console version will not have an AH, trading will be purely p2p. For most people (me included), the console version is going to be a predominantly self-found experience.

Edit: As for your actual question, I think the active players will be more than sufficient for at least a couple of years, especially when you consider an Expansion will likely be released next year.
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Yes the community will be sustained and large for a long time. Niche games on the console can have a set of legs way after the launch due to an interested online community. You would be surprised to see that if I booted up C&C Kains Wrath on my XBOX360 that there would be many still playing it online. Diablo will be both a niche and Mainstream game when it comes out in September and it will benefit long term on both consoles by the cult community and to those who are experiencing Diablo for the first time. If you can wait get the PS4 version. Seeing how you are not a console gamer perhaps the sting of waiting for the PS4 version in early 2014 wont be that bad. I can not wait for the PS4 version and my biggest dilemma is deciding if I get it on the PS3 or the 360. If you need it on September 3rd like I do, I would recommend the PS3 version. You wont have to pay for online play on the PS3 version plus the Ps3 can double as an extra BLU-RAY player when you are done with it.
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BTW. Even though I can not wait for the PS4 version, rest assured I will own it on the PS4 on the day it comes out. In the end I will most likely own D3 on the PS3,360,and PS4. I am crazy like that.
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Yea. The save edits can be a big issue for console for me. I am just hoping Blizd and Sony can do something for the cloud save to prevent this but seems to be hard since it allows offline play.
I guess I wont order it until a few weeks after release just to see how it goes.
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For those of you that don't know this, cloud game saves are free on Xbox Live and PSN, this is not exclusive to Diablo 3. You can already upload to the cloud, this is nothing new. It is done through the dashboard, for those of you with an Xbox 360, go to your storage section on your Xbox to access the game-save cloud.

There is no anti-cheating involved.

Diablo 3 on consoles will die within the first few weeks/months as the entire online portion of the game will be full of hex-edited items, gold and characters.

Blizzard have confirmed that we can go-back on our saves, allowing people to cheat without even hex-editing just by giving your friends all your items and reverting to a previous saved game.

Blizzard are also not responding to any questions on if we will be able to hex edit our game saves, why? Because we wouldn't like the answer.

Every other console game seperates the offline and online portions of the game to provide the community with a fair gameplay environment, no !@#$ing idea why Diablo 3 is not doing this.
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I saw this idea in another post:
Separate the online mode and offline mode but players are allowed to convert their online save to offline but not the other way around.
That is, once a char is played offline mode, it can't be online anymore so anyone whoever wants hex can edit whatever they want to without destroying the fairness of online play and economy.

This seems destroy the purpose of having the save to be stored in the HDD but what is the point of the HDD save other than you can play it on someone else's console where no internet connection is available, so it is for offline play anyway. But how often will that happen, seriously. And how often does your internet goes down???

The online requirement for PC version did bring many negative feedbacks, but I guess whoever complained about that is because of the poor connection rather than losing the ability to edit their saves.

Whoever wants to say something like this idea is viable please offer some logical and practical reasoning, and why the whatever the reason makes this not viable is more important than preserving the fairness of online play.
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...are you worried about other players' hacked gear because of some competitive online component that would give them an edge?

Because otherwise, it shouldn't really affect your experience. Though I can't say I've EVER seen anything like this happen in any other PS3 game.
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...are you worried about other players' hacked gear because of some competitive online component that would give them an edge?

Because otherwise, it shouldn't really affect your experience. Though I can't say I've EVER seen anything like this happen in any other PS3 game.

Not worried at all as I'm going to be one of the people running around in hacked gear.

I would just prefer it if it wasn't possible, as I honestly think it ruins the online experience when playing with randoms. But if they allow it, they're not giving me much choice as I like to play competitively and I like to play online with randoms.
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Yes you are right. I am worried about that.
I dont wanna play it as a single player game. Mostly I will do online.
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I agree, there will be a serious problem for players who like to play or PvP with randoms. However I cannot stress enough, if you want to keep your game legit and pure, please do not just trade with randoms.

We are going back to the D2 days before the Warden and rust storms :P

I am hoping that we will be able to find like-minded players on the forums so we can just build a list and join each others games :) Also I am hoping we can make a list of known players who used dupe gear, or trade it, so we can avoid them (like the plague).
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