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How much is enough ?

So the question i have today is how much gold is enough for a good follower i recently spent a few hundred millions on my followers http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Spox-1650/hero/33063474

I'm also decided which follower should i use when i'm doing high MP runs ? & does my followers bonus against elites/attack speed affect mine ?
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Don’t spend ANYTHING on your Followers.
Followers only do 5 to 10 % of the DPS that YOU do, so spending a ton of Gold on them is Pointless….. Besides,,,you will eventually pass down good items to them as you upgrade your own Chars.

Check out the Scoundrel on my Barb. He is Pretty buffed out for a follower and he only does 10K dps + a nice crit dam bonus(although he only has 3.5% crit hit chance).
All the stuff he is equipped with are Found items that I don’t need on MY Chars.

A Followers True value is that they can Buff you with their skills. Think of them as an EXTRA equipment slot on Your Char…

Example:… My Scoundrel is like an extra Ring that Slows and Blinds Multiple enemies, while simultaneously increasing my Crit Hit by 3%.
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Urgh its a little bit too late for that now ... hahaha thanks for the advice though, much appreciated
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How much is enough for some extra fun?
I like the Maximus weapon on my follower because of that beastly Demon that's been summoned. It's is a welcome extra decoy when fighting mob's at high MP level.
Get a (costly) puzzle ring. A spawning Goblin in the middle of a hectic Elite fight is extra fun!
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The only follower worth gearing is the scounderal which I see you already did :P
I spent around 200mil on him in total, mainly for the freeze gear and AS/LoH stuff.
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I think the followers main strength for me is help with CC and she helps proc my 15%dmg passive against slowed enemies. My enchantress has 98k health and 500 AR with knockback and cold dmg, super useful.
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Personally, I think if you're having fun gearing up your followers, then go for it. I used to solo a lot, and focused on gearing my followers after I found it was difficult to upgrade my own gear. I had a lot of fun doing that, and don't regret it at all despite the fact I mostly play in groups now. As a side note, your followers are looking pretty good! Do you have a favorite?
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I believe my followers' greatest contribution to my toon is the special abilities they provide. Therefore my only goal when gearing a follower is to give them as much vitality as I can. As long as they stay alive they're helping.
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followers dont have unique loot, theyre skills are boring. hardly useful
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07/25/2013 06:43 PMPosted by MadSkilled
followers dont have unique loot, theyre skills are boring. hardly useful

I guess Relics (Templar specific), Tokens (Scoundrel specific) and Focuses (Enchantress specific) are not unique items?

I guess the follower's ability to carry gear that increases your gold find and magic find, along with gear / build choices that can freeze enemies or transmute enemies (Enchantress) or blind enemies (Scoundrel) or ability to heal HP's/Second (Templar) is hardly useful as well.

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My scoundrel is freezing everything. The enchantress does really well with CC effects, the templar is my least favorite, just because he ends up dead a lot.
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no more than 5m for follower
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I highly recommend followers, using the scoundrel on my wizard allows me to increase my damage by a massive amount cuz of how often he freezes everything i come across, and considering i like running energy armor pinpoint barrier more than anything else usually, im not freezing anything to get the cold blooded dmg bonus otherwise.

Its not too hard gearing survivability out of followers once uve done a lot of testing, and messing with stats.

My enchantress also currently on my wizard has 35 some odd dodge chance and 34 some odd damage reduc, or at least i can get very close to those numbers. Combine that with her high LS and life i have yet to see her die on mp10 unless i go down first. But the real reason to have her around is to hit breakpoints for builds like Perma Freeze/SNS or DT/WW Barbs. Its too bad if she goes down u lose her buffs unlike the scoundrel.

As for the templar he can be really useful for hatred regen, and any other resource generating. You can see my survivability templar on my barb and my stun based templar on my DH for my stun builds.
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