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I've wondered this for awhile... and in the past I've even seen replies by a blue or 2 regarding MVP status on players on how they contribute to the community etc.

Why is it I seem to have only seen 2 (maybe 3) of these "MVP"s.

Please take no offense if you are the MVP I'm currently referring to, however the latest "GREEN TEXT posts" I've seen is from a player with a whopping 3k elite kills and hasn't even finished Act 1 of Hell mode nor even has a lvl 60 char?

Seems the MVPs here on the forums are virtually players who don't even play the game or have virtually stopped playing the game (A green poster even admitted in a post they hardly play anymore).

So why is it there are virtually no MVPs on this site. Seems if it is to be a part of the site:

1> it would be tagged to a person who actually plays this game
2> very knowledgeable about the game and the main class they play (Refer to #1)
3> helping out others in this game with their knowledge and/or expertise (Refer to #1 & #2).
4> Blizzard/BNet knowledgeable to help out others

Just seems to me ... once in a blue moon we tend to see a "green post" with some generic comment. In the past there was one particular MVP who provided a lot of good information and even I think had a direct hand to the devs in the nerfing of the shadow beasts and scorpions from an EXP perspective as a particular class was exploiting only a tiny select area in para-leveling.

While a MVP status may span multiple games (ie SC/WOW/D3) if it is tagged onto your bnet account it would seem advantageous to actually have MVPs who we as a community consider MVPs based on their posting, gameplay, experience etc. It is very easy to sit and just reply to posts ... but I kinda thought MVPs were also somewhat "involved with the game" and actually played it on some consistency to become even better at helping out the community.

I've seen several posts over time regarding MVPs (or lack thereof) and those posts just all seem to die by the vine so to speak never being addressed. I will not have much of an expectation this post in it of itself will be any different but felt it was about time it came up once again (as it comes up every several months based on thread dates).

Just doin my job to keep the dream alive.... :)

I have often wondered the same thing.
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MVPs are nominated by other players and approved by Blizzard. There are very few D3 MVPs. I can think of about 5 total and only 4 are active that I know of. MVP status is granted based on what MVPs post on the forums, not what they do in game. They are completely separate. You are not your elite kill number or character (also keep in mind people use more than one bnet account for privacy). There are also categories of MVPs in Blizzard games.

-Customer/Tech support (two of the 4 belong to this category). This category does not require significant in-game knowledge although being familiar with the game is helpful. It requires knowledge of policies, the support system, hardware/software, and the willingness to post in a helpful way. Some MVPs in this category for WoW are not even subscribed.
-Subject Matter Experts (could be a class or gameplay style) - This is where we would expect someone to really know the specific subject inside and out and for them to help the community. Do we even have any?
-General MVPs - I can think of one for US forums and one for Aus/NZ. It requires the poster to be constructive, polite, and generally a positive force in the community. Often these folks bring a rational voice to arguments or voice common player concerns in a constructive and thoughtful way.

This post covers the MVP program in general, even though it is posted over on the WoW forums. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4038704715

If there is a specific person who you feel is a standout in a positive way for game knowledge (maybe someone who is viewed as an expert at a class, advocates constructively for changes, and assists other players with guides/posts) and deserves to be an MVP, then nominate them.
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MVPs do not have to be "hardcore" players. There are some that certainly are, but others who aren't.

MVP's are selected for their knowledge, civility, and overall friendly attitude when interacting with other posters.

MissCheetah covered a lot of what I was going to say, but I would also like to add this.

If you have an issue with an MVP, or would like to nominate someone as an MVP, you may EMail MVPs@Blizzard.com or WoWCMFeedback@Blizzard.com

D3 also has a few articles about the MVP program.


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Just to clarify, to nominate someone or ask questions about the program you use MVPs@Blizzard.com.

To provide feedback on the performance of the community team, forum moderators, or MVPs, use wowcmfeedback@blizzard.com.
07/19/2013 01:01 PMPosted by DragonLight
I don't even consider MVP as authority. They come to me as trolls most of the time. They now knowledge of the game and just always add NOTHING to the conversation ! No idea how they got this status in the 1st place. I rather see MVP that put 2000 hours into the game and know its in and out and can help the game become better !

MVPs aren't here to criticize or praise the game, though they can certainly do that, much like many players are doing so. They're here to promote constructive discussions amongst forum attendees.

Also they're not just "green" here. They're green across all Blizzard game forums. Knowledge of D3 helps for when posting on the D3 forums, but as you can also see, there are different types of MVPs. Technical, customer support, general, etc.

If there's someone assigned "DH MVP," then sure, I'd expect that person to be knowledgeable on the DH class with a high number of kills and play time on a DH.
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07/19/2013 01:06 PMPosted by Jaetch
They're here to promote constructive discussions amongst forum attendees.


You can also criticize while remaining constructive and civil.
I have no issue persay with any specific MVP. I am certainly not one who watches the forums 24/7 but am on them quite a bit.

I do think MissCheetah solidifies some of my concern... regarding few and far between MVPs (of which has already been stated can span multiple games).

Looking at MsCheetah's reply (and thank you for the reply) it would seem she(based on tag name) believes there are 5 MVPs and 4 of them "active" to some degree. with over 3m posts... that is what... 750,000 posts per person?

Perhaps it would be a beneficial thing for those who are already MVPs who are active and watching the forums (assuming this is part of the goal of the MVPs) there would already be a decent sense by each one who is active to nominate those they feel should be also put into this category.

Personally my feeliing is there should be several MVPs per class. Blizzard did break the 10m in sales back in November 2012. Not sure if I've seen any updated numbers on this out there. Howerver still between here and Europe we already know over 10m copies have been sold for at least 8 months now. Would just think ummmmmmm 4 active MVPs seems a bit "low" in quantity IMO.

07/19/2013 01:09 PMPosted by Drothvader
They're here to promote constructive discussions amongst forum attendees.


You can also criticize while remaining constructive and civil.

CCC (Constructive Civil Criticism)
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Thanks for the well thought out reply. Most MVP threads end up getting ugly fast and it is nice to see a change.

07/19/2013 01:14 PMPosted by BubbaGump
with over 3m posts... that is what... 750,000 posts per person?

This statement confuses me a bit. What were you referring to? I don't think we post that much!

To clarify on the # of MVPs - yes, we can cross games.It means we are green on all Blizzard forums that we have a valid license for. That could mean that while I am a TS/CS MVP here and WoW I would show up as green on the SC forums...and I am a complete noob at that game. Remember we can't turn it off when we want to just post a question or opinion like a regular player. This means in addition to the 4 active D3 specific MVPs I know of, you may see WoW and SC folks pop in as well.

As for the issue of not being enough MVPs, specifically for class specific things, I agree. If you have someone in mind email the MVP address :) .

No... what I meant was this Official D3 forums has over 3m posts. Obviously this cannot be combed through by the Blizzard folks, nor by a very limited amount of MVPs.

I would guess each MVP focuses on a small part of the forums or specific areas they are "best at".

With over 3m posts/replies here on the forums by all D3 players .... that is a lot of ground to cover. That was more my point. It would seem 20-30 MVPs would be a good goal to have with most dedicated to the actual game/classes/theorycrafting side.

07/19/2013 02:39 PMPosted by BubbaGump
It would seem 20-30 MVPs would be a good goal to have with most dedicated to the actual game/classes/theorycrafting side.

We have the actual players for that ;P

It's a collective effort. Much like forum moderation behind-the-scenes is a collective effort.

I'm basing this off of the ridiculous amount of time I spend in the wizard forum, jumping into topics that range from theorycrafting, to gear checks, to general tips for new wizards, to completely irrelevant topics such as film, food, YouTube videos, etc. (those usually end up getting deleted :/ ).

That said, there are so many "regulars" in the forum that, collectively, they should all be considered MVPs of the class given their knowledge and experiences. Granting one, two or thirty of them the ability to type in green font won't change anything other than visibility. Chances are, with a good enough reputation in the forum, your posts will be seen regardless of the font color.
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07/19/2013 02:47 PMPosted by Jaetch
I'm basing this off of the ridiculous amount of time I spend in the wizard forum, jumping into topics that range from theorycrafting, to gear checks, to general tips for new wizards, to completely irrelevant topics such as film, food, YouTube videos, etc. (those usually end up getting deleted :/ ).

I admit I do not spend much time on that forum, but it sounds like you have a fairly tight community there. On the WoW forums they have been known to allow a single clearly labeled "off-topic" thread to exist in some subforums That is where the regulars hang out and discuss food, the weather, TV, Movies, etc. When it caps, whoever had last post has to make the new one. The Healer forums have one as do tanks and CS. You might try it for the Wizard forum and see if the Mods will tolerate it.

Here are the examples and ideas of the format/rules that players have set up

"TonyDanza's Tangy Turnip Tacos (healer OT)" http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9463626270 Apparently they have a tradition of silly food names for thread titles. The rules in it also help give you an idea what is tolerated by mods.

"Tank Lounge #79: Romancing The Tank" http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9486208858

"[CS Lounge] Kupo! A Cotton Candy Pandaren" This is a great explanation of the Blue stance on it as it relates to the CS forums http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9436964161?page=21#404 Silly names are common here too.
As you can see, they don't play much but they can type beautiful sentences. Nerfing shadows at halls and act 3 scorpions did nothing. Forces everyone to go Act 1 now.

Blizzard should tweak the exp again.
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07/19/2013 03:24 PMPosted by Fireblade
Forces everyone to go Act 1 now.

You know, I did bring this up once upon a time...


But I digress...

It doesn't matter who says things, unless they're popular opinion at the time it won't go anywhere. Even then, some minds can't be changed.

I can type fancy words all I like, and be as visible as anyone would ever want, but unless someone is actually willing to take into consideration what feedback you have provided, you are simply expending energy best used elsewhere.

I can tell you firsthand though, openly provoking what few MVP's there are on these forums will not gain you any more favor than me posting honest and unabashed feedback. There are better things to argue about than the MVP program.
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As both Drothvader and MissCheetah referred to, we do ask that any specific feedback about the MVPs be directed to our Community Managers through MVPs@Blizzard.com

Additionally, if anyone wants to provide feedback about the MVP program (including feedback about current MVPs or recommendations for future MVPs), you are welcome to send Lylirra a note, at Lylirra@blizzard.com

~Thanks all! This thread will now be locked~
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