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i keep dying what am i doing wrong :( ?

hello evryone,

im an archon wizard and after reading about a billion topics around what stats i should have it seems that im still not as effective as i wanne be ...

my all res. in archon are between 950-1100 (1400 with other passive / skillset)

my armor in archon is around 6K

and got 28-34K hp

now i was under the impression ide be ok ... i was mistaken evry elite that makes me move while im channeling seems to have devestating effects on myself ...

if i do manage to survive (potion/ #1 button on archon for "LS") i usually feel Lucky other then well played.

and basicly anything that makes me lose control of my toon like knockback/fear etc seems to be bad aswell.

ive tried alot of things with more survival passives but they dont seem to be helping that much ..

it feels like more dps and less defensive skills/passives or more defensive and lesser dps seems to be about the same (more lifesteal or lesser LS)

secondly even tough i like archon it seems like a one trick pony ...
once i lose the form its either dead/get back in form/or kite hoping for CM passive to do its job)

i dont like CM wizard style so im hoping for another build for group play or some tips that would help ...

any help is welcome
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Calling Jaetch!

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1. Wrong gear
2. Wrong build
3. DPS too low for effective life steal

Get more vitality and armor. You stacked resistance and essentially paid little to no attention to other EHP stats.

Get more DPS, replace your Chant Force with a Triumvirate. If you read the "billions" of topics, you should have noticed the effectiveness of black weapon damage and elemental bonuses. A decent crit chance Tal Rasha's Allegiance and even a 5/5/5 Triumvirate with decent average damage will shoot your DPS way up.

You have virtually no crit damage. Stack it. Skip your weapon and just get one with some form of crit damage or just a socket to go with the LS.


Get more DPS.

More DPS. <-- emphasis on "more" and "DPS."

Also what MP level are you running on? With your stats, you should be able to hold your own on MP1-2. Possibly 3, any higher and I won't be surprised if you're struggling with elites.

For DPS: Witching Hour, even Andariels' Visage will do you a ton of good (low fire damage, choose socket or double int+vit roll). Craft shoulders because your Vile Ward is well below passable.

If your Archon is falling off, there's no reason to run Galvanizing Ward to keep an armor up for more than 2 minutes. Replace it with either Evocation, Blur or Cold Blooded if you have a follower with a cold weapon. Replace Shocking Aspect with a form of Energy Armor, e.g. Pinpoint or Prismatic (former for more crit chance to work with LL and CM, latter for more survivability).

If you're not dying in Archon form and it's falling off simply because you don't kill fast enough, switch Blood Magic to Force Weapon. Remove Blizzard and replace it with Frost Nova - Deep Freeze, especially if LL is not doing its job to proc CM. Your 45% crit chance is too low. At least FN-DF will bump it up to 60% if hit 5+ targets. If not FN, then run Diamond Skin - Crystal Shell when you're having trouble surviving outside Archon form.

Calling Jaetch!


Epic. Didn't see that until after I posted.
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I know you love these questions that have been asked a billion times before!

secondly even tough i like archon it seems like a one trick pony ...
once i lose the form its either dead/get back in form/or kite hoping for CM passive to do its job)

OK, every build is a one-trick pony.

Archon, it's press your laser button . . . pew pew pew.
CM, 123123123 or on my keyboard, sdfsdfsdfsdf. Or some have it all macroed to one key.
Sleet Storm, press ROF key . . . swirl, swirl, swirl.
Meteor for me, make twisters, press Meteor key . . . thud, thud, thud.
. . . And use your left fingers to tap other keys.
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07/22/2013 11:55 AMPosted by jenpeezey
OK, every build is a one-trick pony.

That's why I've been working on this!


I'm still in the tweaking stages as this gear is just mid-range test gear, but so far it's working awesomely. MP 5 is nothing with this build, and it's a freakin' blast having literally no cooldown on Teleport. :D
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I have 16k health with archon gear. You're doing it wrong. :D wearing cm gear ATM
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