Diablo® III

FREE Powerleveling, 1 to 60, see details.

This is for people that have collected less than 10mill. and not for people with a second character, like 2 monks, wiz, etc..

What you will need, if you can get it,; the cheapest socketed helm, and the best red gem you can put in that helm.

just friend me, and ask for leveling. I will do when we have 4 people in game, its faster that way.

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This way you don't need to waste gold on under 60 level items...
I can supply a helm, for most people, at level 17 or lower... so no worries there, just give back when done. i just went and bought 5 of them.
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ok only 1 fellow so far, it is easier when 3 people are here.... also I have no use for items I pick up, so you can keep them.
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Ok, I have a few people asking me, and I have helped 3 so far, but it does help to do this with a group, so when you ask, please remember, that im waiting for others. but will get to everyone that is possible.
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Sweet a new crop of mp10 leeches is about to be planted,
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if some1 needs a powerleveling already for his 1st char... then he might as well just stop playing.
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(reaper of souls is diablo 3 next expansion)
Now people only takes 2hour to level to 60. Prepare yourself for Reaper of souls
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08/12/2013 03:00 AMPosted by DeadRu
Sweet a new crop of mp10 leeches is about to be planted,

I thought everyone wanted to play self-found?
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Ok, some new people added me as friend, feel free to ask when im on, if you need the help.
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Just started getting power leveled for free. Fast and friendly player.

Thanks BCR
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NP chelle,
but for others please read, what constitutes FREE powerleveling, you must be only on first character (meaning not a second monk, wiz, etc,) just 1 DH or 1 Wiz, etc.. plus its for people that have collected less than 10 mill, I am a little flexible on that, 10 to 15 mill.
basically its for newbies, or rather newer players, so they don't get discouraged from the game, so I offer a free way to get a character to 60 in under 2 hours.
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Good on ya champ! Feel free to add me, can help out as well... Cheers!
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I added ya, what times are you usually on?
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I just added you.
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I can't complain much since it's free power leveling however if you aren't really power leveling and just kinda screwing around and trying to impress people by showing off mediocre legendaries, don't call it power leveling.

The 22 levels you got my wizard are appreciated, though in half the time it could have hit level 60.
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The 22 levels you are talking about were also with people from different classes, some people only could do normal at that time, etc. And about showing the other fellow my items, rather spare items, I was PMing him, as he wanted help with setting up his character, also, I was getting typed to, every 5 minutes with people wanting leveling, so if you call that goofing or screwing around, then by all means have another person give you free advice, free items, free plans, and free powerleveling.

Everyone else, I added most of you as friends, but you got off line before I could catch up with you, if you see me on, and it shows me in your friend tab, then I checked your stats, and you do qualify for free help. others, I didn't add you as friend, because 3 people showed they were on 3rd 60 character, 1 was at 83 million picked up, other was 84 mill, and similar for last one, but last night I was feeling to well, so I did mostly at whimsy, then got off, logged. I am currently undergoing surgery, so my meds sometimes turn me into a zombie.

But if you do fit in the qualified lists, and I didn't friend you, sorry it was a miss (yesterday friended around 20 people) but I also get the spam, so sometimes I am quick with the deny friend button.

Anyhows, congrats to the people that whom have gotten to 60, and if you need another single character (not a second one of same class) feel free to let me know that you want that character leveled as well. also I have a lot of spare dex stuff, if I see you need the help, I will get you a socketed helm, or a 1mill gem, etc.. to help exp go faster.

Thanks for understanding fellows.
And if you want ALL THE time powereleveling, not allowing me to do anything with my characters, then you may be better suited for paying to get leveled up, I just think its not worth wasting gold on below 60 items, stuff that's only needed for a few levels.
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Hey, i am not looking for free powerleveling but if you do need someone to fill a spot for others to level i can make a toon just to sit and give them more xp, or i can come in on my higher level to help out on tougher areas

i have a 60 (7) wizard 130k DPs, and a 56 barbairan only 19k DPs

BT: Vallentyne#1395

feel free to add me BCR or anyone else and while he is either online and full, or offline i can do my best to help you out in any way that i can :)

BCR, i think you are doing a good thing, even when other people groan and moan about it, i am, beyond a shadow of a doubt, sure that had someone offered them ANYTHING for free when they were starting out they would have, and probably did take it.

As for any certain amount of levels, i cannot, nor will i guarantee you will reach 60, or even get 30-40 levels, it all really depends on how much time you have, i have as well as other factors.

but, any free levels are still good :)

Again, BCR please feel free to add me, and if you ever need a filler/about to go offline, i can take over and/or help :)

P.S. it's nice to know that there are still helpful people out there!
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BCR thank you so much for the help! You are so helpful and nice. It's nice knowing that there are players like you in the game. Appreciate everything that you have done to help me.

You rock!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

Thank you the help..It is great to see someone willing to help others out without asking for anything in return.

For others reading this:
BCR was great...took his time and was very patient with our group..Was very giving to all of us.

Loveli..aka Dellicate in D3
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