Diablo® III

Suggestion: New quests with better rewards.

I will be dropping several suggestions in various different topic threads. (Suggestions will be dropped in the same subject or topic of the forum thread - IE a quest forum thread will get the suggestions for quests, etc.)

New quests: Maybe there could be new ''REPEATABLE'' quests or ''daily quests'' added much like in World of Warcraft that had daily quests and repeatable quests that yielded special rewards other than just experience or currency. I'll specify on rewards suggestions further down in this topic.

Socketing items quest: Diablo 2 once had a quest in the expansion game ''Lord of Destruction'' where you could repeat the quest per each difficulty level. I propose that such a quest should be implemented but have no limit to the amount of times you repeat it. However, certain items will obviously be limited to the number of sockets and the quest for the socketing can be made somewhat difficult or team oriented such as the ''Hellfire Ring'' quest.

Quests that give gear/items: Bring back the quests that give pieces of gear. Diablo 2 had a few quests that gave you a random rare ring or even gems, World of Warcraft had several quests that gave pieces of gear ranging from armor pieces, trinkets, jewelry, consumable items, valuable crafting materials, or even pieces of a legendary or epic items to be assembled.

Quests that give skills or stat points: Although this would more than likely require a revamping of the skill set up, the stat portion isn't too far-fetched. This is sort of a suggestion that is not only for quests but for the skill system and stat system itself. Yes it's true your stats automatically go up as you level up but there should be a bank of accumulative stat points that you can personally spend and pour into your desired stats. Diablo 2 as we all know had this sort of system and even had a ''reset'' so you can mix and match and experiment with different stat builds. This very same function also applied to skills. If you brought back putting skill points into a talent tree I think it would make the skill aspect much more exciting for builds than these ''spell runes'' Spell runes are limited and I will try to make a topic that specifically covers this idea in the appropriate forum thread but the reason for bringing it up is relevant to the point of bringing back skill/stat rewarding quests. If you want to read up on suggestions regarding skills and skill set ups please search my topic that I will create named: ''Revamping of skills/talent tree'' Thank you.
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