Diablo® III

Low FPS/Stuttering

My Specs:
Motherboard: GA-P55M-UD2
Processor: Intel i7 860 @ 2.8 ghz
Graphics: EVGA GTX 550 Ti 2 gb
Monitor: Samsung S23A550H 1080p LED
Harddisk: Hitachi 7200 RPM 3.0 Gb/s (SATA)
Memory: Kingston 16 GB 1333

My problem:
Terrible fps. It mainly shows in multiplayer games where I've gone as low as 15 with large mob density. Excessive screen tearing with vsync off and unplayable performance with it on. I've been up and down these forums and many others searching for answers and have yet to find any. This has been going on for quite a while and I've tried possibly every "fix" out there to try and get things running right. I'm fresh out of ideas to say the least so if anyone could shed some light as to what the problem could be, I'd really appreciate it. I know this isn't the best gaming rig out there but it should definately be able to handle D3 better than this. All of my drivers are up to date and I clean it out once a week.
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How large a group do you consider to be "large mob density"?

The devs are still looking into ways to help with the lag/disconnects experienced when encountering significantly large packs of monsters that can be found now with the increase to density in certain acts.

You may need to just wait until they've made adjustments or try to avoid such encounters for now. I experience them as well but I've found as long as I don't get in the middle of the packs, I can manage just fine.

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A screen full of trash mobs and elite packs? I've noticed it to be quite bad in places like Festering Woods, Fields of Misery, and just about all of Act 3. These being normal farming areas for me, it wouldn't really be productive for me to have to avoid them. Playing a Monk, I'm always in the middle of the fight.
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I would also like to add to this that I get bad stutter like many others. My system should run this with absolutely no problems.

Amd-6300 six core and a gtx 660 should handle a few diablo 3 clients at once with no problems.

I have not played in a long time cause the stutter drives me crazy..I m patiently awaiting it to be resolved.

This is not connection lag. It is either not using the graphics card or the CPU correctly cause I have had the same issue on my laptop and my other computer,

I have heard a lot on these forums that it's the Hard drive that's the culprit cause it is constantly streaming and pulling information instead of just loading it all at once.
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Blizzard you just failed. You have failed your loyal customer.
Ever since the first day I started this game and it has been giving me headache from time to time. I need to find my own solution from the forums to fix this issue.

Recently came back to play but realizing the low fps/shuttering is worse than before. Alright thanks for wasting my money and time. I will finally quit diablo3. Maybe until the day you fix it, but is too late.
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