Diablo® III

dont understand whats wrong, help needed


edit : its about my HC barb

i posted twice before to get advice and followed them : i got new stuff, life steal, more resist ...

but i'm still having much trouble : i feel like i dont do damage, it sometimes take me 1+ minute to kill elite in pm2 and i am sometimes on the verge of dying with tons of armor/hp/resist

can anyone tell me if this has anything to do with my stuff and skills ? if its not that would mean i need to change class or game ^^

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I see some major gaps here.

1) 13% CC base - more CC% = more fury regain through BR = more fury spent to keep up WoTB
2) 3% LS - workable on high dps builds maybe, for your level of dps this won't cut it. Start by dropping nerves of steel for bloodthirst.
3) You have 16% IAS, too low of a BP especially on your OH. TDPS is suffering and therefore so is lifesteal and over all sustain and build synergy.

Critical gear changes

- ammy with CC%, drop all the protection you have on your current ammy to get this if need be
- Few more slots of IAS, not going to work out the BPs as you can do that yourself
- bloodthirst passive
- sockets on your weapons - giving up soooo much dps here
- another source of movement speed
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i guess i forgot i was playing with my HC character, stupid of me :s
thx anyway for the advice for i sometimes play in softcore when my connection is low
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