Diablo® III

Add this alternative way to apply item affix

I believe it is a blacksmith thing to add affix like these:
Ignores Durability Loss
+41–50% Damage (at shown on lvl63 legendary)
+241–265 Armor (at shown on lvl63 legendary)

to our armor and weapon because they are not magical properties but physical properties.

If modification in the future is added to the game, please remove the above rolls from item affix when dropped or crafted. Let them be a choice player make to add to their items. Assume each item will only roll up to 6 different affix but can have 2 additional slots for modifying, with a hard cap of 8 different affixes on a single item. This will create another kind of gold sink for the game, but not completely essential for player to add, since legendary weapons and armors usually come with +damage or +armor affix.

Adding Ignores Durability Loss should not be an additional affix but instead make the item account bond and replace the duration numbers (31/32) with the text Indestructible without using up an affix slot.
Adding damage or armor on your as its first roll will be a random number generated scaling with the item level. When the item already has a damage or armor affix each additional enhancement will add 10% damage or 25% armor based on your item affix. Each enhancement will use up an affix roll.

adding +% damage to a lv63 weapon Rune Sword
rolled 44% and when the sword has a
104.00 – 244.00 Damage -> 149.76 – 351.36 Damage
If the sword already has +44% damage then
149.76 – 351.36 Damage +4.4% -> 156.35 – 366.82
the +% damage affix now become 44% -> 48.4%
by adding another damage affix we have
156.35 – 366.82 Damage +4.84% -> 163.92 – 384.57
This weapon can no longer be modified as it has reached its modification limit, and the +% damage affix now become 48.4% -> 53.24% (higher than the current limit cap)

Some times this is not the best as your outcome depends on your initial roll. It might be better to make the add-on affix random roll a number in a given range and then add to the weapon or make it a fixed % bonus so 44% + 5% = 49% and make that the number cannot exceed the current soft cap of 50%.
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