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Scout528's RoS Paragon Leveling Service

Barbarian Paragon leveling Service

Are you ready for Paragon 2.0 / Reaper of Souls?

NOW AVAILABLE! Service will only be available until March 18 so hurry up and let me level a barbarian for you in just a few days.
100% done manually.

Price Update!
Barbarian Paragon leveling Service
Rates: BARB p0-p100 8B done in 5-7 days with less than 60hrs game time logged.
for custom paragon levels, fee will be (paragon exp requested / total paragon exp(10.45b) * 8B)
e.g. p0 to p50 = (2,124,000,000 / 10,454,400,000) * 8,000,000,000 = 1.63 billion gold

How to avail this service:
-just add me in-game with "barb" in your friend request message so we can discuss the details.


Services offered before.

MP10 Paragon leveling Run Service

What is this service?
I will help you kill monsters with my hard-hitting ww/rend skorn barb(high aoe damage output for clearing mobs).

Who can benefit the most from this service?
-for underpowered/geared players who have difficulty killing monster on mp10.
-players who just wants a high dps and efficient paragon leveling buddy.

Route: Det0x Route
1. Get 5 NV stacks in Festering woods and Cemetery of the Forsaken. Priority will be killing the 5 Elites quickly.
2. Fields of Misery + Decaying Crypt (lvl1&2and/or Scavengers Den (lvl1) if it spawns. After the 5nv stacks, Keywarden, random events and some Ellites will be skipped IF possible.

youtube vid showing det0x route (I do not own the videos)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEyZKTq5-vk <-- p100 in 34hrs.

-50m for 4 consecutive det0x runs*

I will carry only 1 player per game. full payment will be collected upfront and is non-refundable.
*no credit runs will be given if you can't continue the remaining runs you bought.*

15~30mins per run. it depends on the number of players, dps and skill/spell buff assist and random crypt/den.

How to join:
-just add me in-game with "paragon" on your friend request message. Do not add me for any other reasons, my list is almost full and have to remove inactive players.
-D3 friend list limit is only 100, I will remove you from my list once the run is over. You can just resend a friend request if you want another run.
-I'm usually online from 3pm-8am PDT / 6pm-11amEST. (8am-1am Australia, 6am-11pm Malaysia / Philippines / Singapore)

My Game Rules and Requirements:
-must be level 60(this is MP10 Inferno)
-good survivability. I will let you use my high vit 1h weapon and shield for more survivability if needed.
-you are required to use skills that will buff my hp and/or damage (e.g. bbv/slam dance if wd, dh marked for death, wiz time warp , barb impunity, monk overawe)
-Do not wander around the map, I do not want you to reveal unexplored areas(fog of war)
-always stay in exp range and revive yourself immediately if you die.
-rejoin immediately in case you get disconnected. Do not leave the game If I get d/ced. If I'm unable to reconnect, I'll refund your gold or start another run.

solo leveling from p0 to p100 using det0x route. not the fastest but still way faster than most players.

MP10 UBER Carry Service

-FREE using YOUR 3 infernal machines. your friends can even tag along if you want, they can contribute their own machines so you can have more uber runs.
-or pay 15m for each of MY machines used.

around 15mins. includes getting 5nv stacks.

How to join:
-just add me in-game with "uber" on your friend request message.

My Game Rules:
-I can do 1-3 man carry but to save time we will do the lobby method. open the portal, leave the game but stay in the team lobby/menu. I will then ask you to resume game and keep clicking my flag/banner before I kill the uber bosses. repeat for the next portals
-we will start another run in case I get disconnected

BTAG: Scout528#6596
Edited by Scout528#6596 on 6/14/2014 8:58 AM PDT
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85mins run.

witch doctor paragon 0 to 10 in 85 minutes.

Paragon - exp
1 - 7,200,000
2 - 8,640,000
3 - 10,080,000
4- 11,520,000
5 - 12,960,000
6 - 14,400,000
7 - 15,840,000
8 - 17,280,000
9 - 18,720,000
total 116,640,000 exp / 85mins x 60 mins = more than 82m exp/hr
Edited by Scout528#6596 on 7/17/2013 1:42 AM PDT
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for only 12m per run, gain at least 70m exp in 1 hour and get more legendaries.
mp10 carry service will start in a few mins.
Edited by Scout528#6596 on 7/18/2013 7:47 AM PDT
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I'll be doing another run in 15 minutes.

post here or add me in game with friend request message "mp10 farm carry / paragon leveling"
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bump! ill do some runs later. 2hrs from now.
Edited by Scout528#6596 on 7/17/2013 9:24 PM PDT
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2 slots available, will start in a few minutes.
Edited by Scout528#6596 on 7/18/2013 2:38 AM PDT
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I'll be online for the next 6hrs.

pay only 12m per run and you gain at least 70m exp and a chance to get many legendaries.
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doing another run in 10mins.
1 slot still available.
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thanks for joining dragon. his wd from paragon 3 to 8 in a 50mins run.

next run in 20mins.

-just post your btag or add me in-game with a message on your friend request "mp10 farm carry / paragon leveling"
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up, next run in 15mins
2slots open
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im starting a game in 15mins.
12m per run
2 slots open.
Edited by Scout528#6596 on 7/18/2013 11:38 PM PDT
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Great service, vouching 100% (recieved more than 90m/hr and multiple legendaries a trip)
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up! carry service will resume in 1hr.
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2 slots available for next run
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next run in 15mins,
1 slot available. 12m per run only
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service will resume tomorrow 5pm pdt
Edited by Scout528#6596 on 7/20/2013 6:38 AM PDT
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ill be starting my carry service early. only 12m per run, service fee will soon be repriced higher

run will start in 20minutes.

please add "blizz mp10" in your friend request
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