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nOWE giveaway set Part II: kreyzie-Closed

Winner: shaunyu #1426 - you have 48 hours to claim this set from this post. Congratulations! :)

This one is totally different. Kreyzie has been giving out sets silently on the monk community this is the first time that he will do it on the forums.

What you see is what you get. Gems are already included. The set will also come in for FREE.

I would like to know why you deserve this set and I would expect you to keep it intact and pass it forward when you're done with it.

The most qualified lots of you will not receive the set directly. You will be added to my friend list and kreyzie's friend list. And your activity will be monitored. The most active one will get the set. =)

This set is most efficient in MP5-7. If you want to go higher equipping OWE will help.

Here's how it looks:
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Bump. =)
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I saw this thread and figured I would try to get the upgrade. After looking I don't think this gear is a really big upgrade. Or is it? I think I need an upgrade on how to play this class. this may not be the right place to ask for help but I don't think I can do mp 5 to 7 with my current gear. Where should I play with my current gear?
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I sent you an in game request. But to answer your question. You need more all resist and dps to play mp5 - 7.
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sorry i didn't respond to you in game. saw your advice after you left game. the same catch 22. need to play higher mp to get better items but need better items to play higher mp. lol just gotta keep grinding and hope someday to get better craftings.
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It's a good upgrade for me, cause I can only handle mp5 right now, would be awesome if I can go higher and yes once I'm done I'll keep it intact and pass it along
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Better then my gear. I can barely do MP4. I already have someone to give the set I have on right now too. And I will obviously pass this one down.
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As I just got back into the game after a 9 month break due to a broken computer. (It couldn't get fixed due to recent marriage, duty station change, finances and recent work-ups for deployement) I think; no; I know I would use this set for a long while. Since I don't play other games often unlike this, the set would allow me to try out new adventures in the new MP levels which I have yet to reach. Maybe tomorrow I'll get there? Who knows? I'm guessing I will since the content isn't as hard as it used to be but I'm expecting the new MP levels to be a challenge. Oh and another reason why? Because all these items are legitimate upgrades. Especially as a set.

Who would I give it to? Well now that I've returned I can build forums relationships or simply do the same thing you're doing now. Or I could give it to someone I've had added on my friends list for years. I imagine it'll be a just decision either way.

I look forward to the grind for gear coming up and hopefully I have a new set to do it with.
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4 hours to go people. :)
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I hope you give the set to Mollindo. As much as I could use the weapons, that seems to be a better place for the set to go.
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I appreciate that but I would completely understand if it goes to someone who has a more consistent background playing D3 lately which is who it should go to.
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if you do get the get the gear,i would be honored to run with you as you advance your paragon levels
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Sounds great to me and ditto. Well I'm off for a bit, the wife is aggro'ing for a harry potter movie.
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Well I finally leveled up my monk to 60 a little while ago and it's one of my favorite classes to be honest. The gear i'm using is actually my friend's gear, so i'm going to have to give it back to him soon lol. My wiz and barb gear is also his which I need to give back whenever he asks for it. (Guess i'm lucky enough to have someone to let me play with their stuff :D )

Well, one of the reason's why I think I am qualified for the gear is because I really love the class. I don't think other classes really compare after playing with a dh, barb, and wiz. I haven't really had a go at a wd yet, but I don't plan on it.

Monks are such a beautiful class to play, supporting fellow players as well as dealing decent to great damage. Not to mention cyclone from Sweeping Wind. I sometimes run around for no reason just to see if proc over and over again, am I weird? lol

Hopefully i'm considered for the drawing! Thanks for your time.
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Cujoeg #1638
shaunyu #1426
BeastMode #1657
Mollindo #1461

So we only have 4 interesed souls. :) Accept my friend request so we can see.. :)
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Accepted! :) goodluck to everyone :D
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Wow... that's a really really good Nat's ring to be giving away...

I could never afford a ring like that...

And the echoing fury is very solid too...

Those two items are worth way more than my whole monk >.<
Edited by Peli#1747 on 7/22/2013 5:45 AM PDT
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I would like to be entered! My monk is very squishy and could use an overhaul so I can play in MP1+, I die so much!
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need help upgrading my monk so i can move forward and farm in mp5-7
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@AlphaShift14 : Thank you for helping me out. Its a busy week for me. We'll work it out when i see you in game.

I hope the winner will keep this set and help out the rest just like how we helped you out. The EF and Nat ring was my first most expensive AH buyout months ago. Please keep it intact. Appreciate it. TQ
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