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weapon DPS or crit damage

im in the market to upgrade my EF, and most likely my main hand. ive been playing with d3up and i notice that crit damage adds more tDPS then weapon DPS/damage range does. im just wondering if this increase in tDPS is actually noticeable in actual gameplay. i use HOTA about as much as i use WW but my goal is to increase kill times with HOTA (elites/ubers) so basically what im wondering is should i be looking for higher DPS weapons or ones with higher crit damage.
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balance. as high weapon dps as you can afford with crit damage. :)
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07/21/2013 10:09 AMPosted by b0lt0ns
my goal is to increase kill times with HOTA (elites/ubers)

I'm going to assume that you meant to say, "decrease kill times". If that's the case, you should definitely go for weapons with higher Crit Damage. Because HotA has a hidden Crit Chance modifier (+1% CC for every 5 Fury you have) you will Crit with your hammers most of the time. That's why almost every HotA Barb (especially pure HotA ones) uses Emeralds in their weapons, even though Rubies may give them more sheet DPS.

But, like Lameboi said, keep things balanced. Don't buy a weapon with 700 base damage just because it has 100% CD and an open socket.
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yea sorry i meant decrease.

compared to EFs like the 1198 dupe im seeing other lower DPS EFs with more crit dmg and AS that give more tDPS than the 1198. this is why i asked if that difference is actually noticeable in realtime game play.
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its best to have crit damage if you are using HOTA since HOTA damage alternates between main and offhand. Higher DPS is nice, but it only effects half of your HOTA hits (i.e. when HOTA uses that wep for damage) where at CD is applied universally to each HOTA swing.

If you are going pure WW, then higher average damage (not DPS) is best.
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Why don't you just look at your hota dps (hDPS) from d3rawr.
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Go ruby if you are pure WW build, otherwise emerald is better.
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07/21/2013 03:16 PMPosted by Fashizl
Go ruby if you are pure WW build, otherwise emerald is better.

What about if your ww/hota? Dilemma!
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