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PS3 characters transfer to PS4 version?

We need to know before Diablo 3 release. I WILL BUY BOTH ps3/ps4 game if you can transfer characters. If No information is told I will just wait for PS4... BUMP!!!
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Agreed i really don't see the point in buying for both PS3 and PS4 if character progression does not carry over...

i can handle starting from nothing twice from PC to PS3 but i am not going to restart the same game again 3x onto PS4 also...

i think if we are not given any information on this before it goes live on PS3 i will just wait for PS4 version take a break from D3 and catch up on some other gaming.
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I really don't see this happening, but it cannot be confirmed one way or the other as of yet. The PS4 version is VERY early in production and it's not just a port plus we don't know how Sony is going to handle the PS4 with the online network so no one can really answer this.

Have to wait longer to find out more about the PS4 version.
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I agree with Narull.

They have stated it won't be a straightforward port (otherwise it would likely be a launch title) and they are working to take advantage of new features the PS4 offers such as the trackpad. If the game has any intrinsic differences in gameplay it's not really viable for cross-compatibility.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love for it to be the case, I just think it's unlikely. We will have to wait and see though.
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Its doesn't have to be crossplay.. It can just be a transfer of characters items and stats..
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08/09/2013 01:45 PMPosted by IIFlyBoyzII
Its doesn't have to be crossplay.. It can just be a transfer of characters items and stats..

Agreed, Im currently a ps3 player, would like to see my toons transfer from classic to the evil edition would be nice. But my ps3 is also a geezer on its last leg, and if i get another 1 it'll be a 4.
It'd be comforting knowing i could bring my toons to the 4 from 3
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I'm glad Narull and DamJon don't post here anymore with their guesses of the future.

How wrong they were.
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have you all not looks around YES you can transfer your ps3 info over to ps4

or if you bought a xb1 you can send your ps3 info to xb1
or 360 info to ps4 were ever you came from you can send to which ever system you like.

linked your psn /XBL to battle.net account

then there is going to be a patch that will allow there own cloud saving which will take your saved data and turn it over to UEE when you get it
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Nice 2 know
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