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why can't i solo mp10 with my ww barb?

i bought these gears and i still can't mp10 help plz
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Switch "nerves of steel" to "bloodthirst".

Oh, and try switching Wrath of the berserker/Slaughter to WOTB/Thrive on chaos.
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i did but still cant
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Your barb looks as though it should be able to survive mp10, but not kill anything very quickly. Is that what happens, or are you dying a lot as well?

What you've done is bought a number of mediocre pieces, and put together, they aren't quite good enough. The main problems I see are:

- not enough attack speed. With a +0.24 Echoing Fury, you need 34% ias on gear. You have 24% and a +0.21 EF. Never buy an EF with less than +0.24 aps bonus.

- stacking ehp on jewellery. Your rings and ammy are for dps. Vit and ar go on shoulders, chest, head, pants and feet.

What to do about it depends on your budget. To get your ias up I would suggest a decent pair of lacuni prowlers instead of those bracers. That'll give you another slot of ias, plus ms - ideally you want 24% ms, but you only have 12. Then get an EF with as many as you can afford of +0.24 aps, high damage, socket, cd, str.

Once you've done that I expect you'll be able to change Wrath of the Berserker rune to Thrive on Chaos and you'll be able to permawrath and hence do a lot more damage.

After that look at moving ehp off your jewellery and upgrading your other pieces.

Edit: I just realised that with your current 24% ias on gear, you'll need a 9% lacuni and a +0.25 EF in order to hit the 2.5 aps breakpoint. It's doable, it just cuts down your options a bit since your existing ias pieces are all 8%.
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What gooball stated is spot on.

You simply don't have the damage at this point....you'd be MUCH better off farming mp5 until you get the listed upgrades.
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Can't really tell why you're not able to do MP10 based on the info you've given. The gear is certainly capable of of doing Act 1, MP10. Would help to know, how you are dieing and to what monsters.
Are you running out of Fury, health, both?

I was running my EU character in Act1, MP10, which has similar stats to your barb, http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/fortytwo-1477/hero/29146998, just last week.
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it takes me a long time to kill them and i die few times when attacked by alot of monsters
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You also could use a lot more vitality.
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Let's break this down into Offensive and Defensive

We only have around 160k unbuffed damage and it takes me a long time to kill MP10 elites as well.

That is why it is important to choose skills that have damage multipliers. Take for example Bash. You've chosen Instigation, a good skill which generates fury quickly. I'm using Punish, which can boost your damage by up to 24% for 5 seconds. Next, I use overpower to give an extra 10%CC for 6 seconds. Then Rend, which will do damage while, I'm in WW. I figure I'm doing 300-400k burst damage, which is enough to clear MP10 white mobs quickly. Elites will obviously take longer.

So, to start a battle you would Battle Cry (+15% DMG, +3%CC), Bash 3 times (+24% DMG), Overpower (+10% CC), Rend, then begin your WW.

Defensively our toons have similar stats.

45k HP
92% damage reduction
600 AR

The main difference is that I have around 7.5% lifesteal to your 3%.
I find that you can get away with 3% once you have 225k+ unbuffed damage, but my preference is for +5%. Your main healing skill is Sprint / Run like the wind. You need to constantly spit out tornadoes to regain your fury and health. In fact, it's been shown that the tornadoes do more damage than WW. A good test is to run around Fields of Misery without using WW. If you get your timing correct you should be at full health and fury using Sprint alone. One you can do that, adding WW is a bonus.

Also, don't get hung up on MP10. Practice at MP 7,8,9 until you are comfortable.

Good Luck
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can someone help me balance my barb out? need help for sure.
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I used to have the same probles as you, so i did this:

1.- Get a 3% LS belt, you will lost arround 10-15k dps, but, thats teh way.
2.- Hit 50k hp
3.- get 500 AR w/out warcry, so u can get Rend/ Blood Lust and cast it in the middle of the big groups, and survive.
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I recommend posting here:


not that anyonr else here is wrong. just trying to swamp planet down. o.0
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