Hello Demon Hunters! I apologize in advance if someone has posted this build before, but I have found it extremely effective for its purposes which is taking as little damage as possible, while at the same time doing a fair amount of dps.

Active Skills:

Left mouse: Hungering Arrow - Spray of Teeth
Right mouse: Rapid Fire - High Velocity
1: Shadow Power - Night Bane
2: Smoke Screen (whichever rune increases the duration)
3: Strafe - Drifting Shadow
4: Companion - Bat Companion

Passive Skills:

Night Stalker

How to use this build:

Basically, you want to use Rapid Fire at long distance. Against slow moving enemies, you can kill them before they get to you. When enemies get close or they move quickly, use Strafe while running away, and then switch back to Rapid Fire after you reestablish distance. If you find yourself running low on Hatred, use Hungering Arrow instead of Rapid Fire. The bat provides essential Hatred regeneration to allow you to use Strafe as an escape skill, and coupled with Shadow Power: Night Bane, you can use Rapid Fire without consuming Hatred (unless your attack speed is too fast). This brings me to my next point: the build works better with a slower weapon because ideally you will not run out of Hatred, since you need Strafe to fight Mortars and enemies that teleport (among other things), but Strafe consumes a lot of Hatred and currently there is nothing on gear that reduces the hatred cost of Strafe. If you are running away from ranged enemies with Strafe, remember to use Shadow Power to regain health at the same time.

Why these skills?

Shadow Power is essential because without it you cannot fight reflect damage, unless you have a fair amount of life steal on gear. It also helps regenerate Hatred with the Night Bane rune. Gloom is a good choice as well, but if you're staying out of the way of monsters, you shouldn't need the extra damage reduction. It's more important to regenerate Hatred because you don't want to run out if you need to use Strafe to escape (it's much easier to fight Hulking Phasebeasts with Strafe than to facetank them, for example). And finally the obvious reason: if you do get hit (which you probably will), Shadow Power will refill your health quickly.

Smoke Screen is there because you need something to use when you get frozen, vortexed into a bad position, or jailed. Vault works for all of these except frozen and is less expensive to use, so if you think you can avoid getting frozen, you can use that instead. Personally I like the temporary invulnerability better, since there are a lot of sticky situations you can avoid simply by not taking damage for a couple of seconds.

Strafe is your escape skill. It is the only skill that allows you to move and attack at the same time, which makes it ideal for kiting. Since kiting and escape are the primary reasons for using it, I have equipped the Drifting Shadow rune to make it better at both of these things by allowing you to move faster while using Strafe.

The bat companion is one of the most important pieces of this build because it gives you a lot of passive hatred regeneration, and allows you, with night bane, to attack packs from range using rapid fire without consuming hatred.

As for the passive skills, Vengeance will refill your hatred quickly at low mps (just remember to pick up the health globes), and it also helps restore discipline.

Perfectionist is the skill of choice for people who don't like dying. It increases your effective hit points by a lot, and also makes your defensive abilities cheaper.

Night Stalker restores Discipline, assuming you have a high crit chance. It is important not to run out of Discipline, and you really have to be careful when spending Discipline even with this passive.

The Main Idea:

Stay away from monsters. Don't even let them get close to you. With these skills you can kite anything in the game, so why risk facetanking anything?