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Help in balancing my Barb

I need to know what modification I will need to survive level 7-10
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You need a lot of "build synergy" moves here

1) MS, you have +0%, you'll never maintain perma-wrath without at least 12% (even then it can be very tough when you go through low density portions of the map, or back tracking a little to cover a whole dungeon

2) LS, one of the best reasons to use a skorn is to get your whole lifesteal requirement from one piece, wear the WH and run offensive passives. Not to say non-LS skorns dont work well, its just common that players will go the LS route. In any case, at your current dps you are going to need the full 5-6%. At very high DPS levels players will opt to go 3% sometimes. Other option is to keep IK belt and run bloodthirst.

3) Having such a large portion of your HP on your weapon can make things tough. If you ever decide to DW or use a LS skorn with your gearset here you will have an HP crisis. A mempo would be even more beneficial to you over the average player because of that reason

4) BT pants - why? if you are going to wear BT its usually for the mitigation, the LOH is nearly useless and a pair like yours with double str and double dex are even less desirable. If you are going to wear BT i would look for an all resist roll on them instead of double dex

5) IAS/BP - I see a total of 15% IAS on you right now. Not going to go into details but check out the sticky. There is lots of info on efficient IAS levels

6) your build, see point 5

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