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Site feedback: Game Guide poor (esp. Items)

..especially compared to Diablo II's Chaos Sanctuary and then Arreat Summit.

One of the biggest things I would like to see is a total revamp of the Items section. I know you website personnel are separate from development -- so, stay busy too. It would be nice if you guys had this revamp ready before/with Loot 2.0. Thanks in advance. :)

Complaint #1:

It's cumbersome to locate. (While I will admit it both appropriate and humorous to suggest that the current poor state of itemization perhaps relegates the item section to this status, it shouldn't be this way.)

Suggestion #1:

To start, locating Items should be on the main ribbon bar of the site. After all, that's what this game is all about, specifically stated by Blizzard regarding D3 numerous times. Right now, Items is an equivalent subsection with both Patch Notes and Followers. (come on, really..?) After all, wouldn't as many (or more..) people come to look at and get excited about legendary items as Media or Buy Now?
..On a tangent, why is a link to buy/rebuy the game right there? I get it a year ago, but now it just looks like a click-here-after-being-banned button. "We'll happily sell you another license." I'd say this should be contained within Home I'd say, but ultimately a negligible concern.

Complaint #2:

Once located, browsing the D3 items section is underwhelming and tedious.

Suggestion #2:

Along with improvements to Legendary items, it would be nice to continuously browse them easier. Right now, we always have to go through either the weapon or armor type. The Arreat Summit has it first segmented by item quality. So with a single click from Items, you're in a page of only unique items, then sorted by item type.

This would make browsing the D3 Items section more "fun" and suitable for more sustained leisurely browsing. It was just fun to look at Vampire Gazes and Shaftstops, especially amongst the list of other unique items of the same type. (of course, better executed items/itemization contributed to that too..) It's not fun clicking twice as much to finally locate set ceremonial knives and then having to back out to base item types before being able to look at legendary body armors and again for legendary pants. Put all your fancy, highly coveted stuff together.

How difficulty would a page like http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/uniques-alpha.shtml be to implement?

to be cont.
The Game Guide can use a lot of improvements, in my opinion. [Hire me for the web team, plzthx] I hope to -- along with others -- add more to this thread about bringing the Game Guide more on-par with the quality, utility, and simplicity of its D2 counterpart.

Of course, not all is bad, and I'll try to end the OP on some positive feedback. The comments sections on some pages is good. (*'-');

Also, the tooltip scripts are a nice addition/feature. But it's almost like you just want the community to make the superior Items sections or listings.
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Right now it's..

Game Guide
>> Items
>> >> Weapons (a messy subset follows within each of these..)
>> >> Armor
>> >> Other

Game Guide
>> Items
>> >> Legendary Items
>> >> Set Items (..and dedicate a page to the full set**)
>> >> Rare Items
>> >> [future stuffs]
>> >> By Type..
>> >> >> Weapons
>> >> >> etc.

**It'd be easier, for example, for the community to get together and talk about the lackluster Tal Rasha's Sacrifice set bonuses if the set had its own page. Add in some flavorful lore and/or art -- more 'fun' pages to browse.
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Also, achievements tab on profile pages, thanks.

Going by the 1 whole view, you're probably not looking at your to-do list, web team. Hopefully you'll see it some day.
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