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Just lost 700m thanks blizzard!!!


you should check on the items you posted in the auction house, specially if your selling items that are the same (skull grasp inserted), I sold a one for 1m but its market price is around 30m , I thought its the ring with the inappropriate crappy stat, str or dex for a wiz skill ring lol, but Im not much affected because I bidded on that ring and won it for 3,564 gold lol =D but anyway the real lesson is check before you complain lol.
Well you lost about 80cents worth of gold. Still harsh I know for the few that don't just buy everything from the RMAH and want the thrill of finding maybe 1 useful roll among billions of hours played.

lol @ $20, those gloves are not worth billions, good but not that good.
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Another clueless winner, you make a mistake and somehow it is blizzards fault.
I added those glove on the auction house by mistake!


So i called a blizzard rep, he say he couldnt help me...

So i thought to myself, ok at least ill get tons of bids on it and get like 500m!

But in the last hour i found out that the bid was the same as 3 hours ago... (5m or so) kinda weird for a 700m pair of gloves...


So i found out that the item cant be bidded on,

Called another blizzard rep and he told me he couldnt help me once again AND THAT THERES NO BUG...

Just wanted to thanks blizzard on that, i paid for this freaking game and im now losing some of the gold i hardly worked for (because of a auction house bug)

This isnt the 1st time i see this bug and i bet you guys saw it a couples of times also, i dont know if thats because they cant fix it or whatever but that sucks... i dont even feel like playing anymore....

"losing some of the gold i hardly worked for" - LOL!!!
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not worth 700m, stop crying
dont worry bro.. those gloves are worth 20 mil.. maybe 30 tops.. so you really only lost like 15-20 mil :) remember. theres a price you think its worth. theres a price its actually worth. and theres a price people are willing to pay... none of these three are the same number.

also. u gotta remember.. since blizz is destroying its player base daily.. theres less people who care. so you coulda sold those gloves for several million more. but if theres 1/4 of the people searching for the gloves than there was last year. then your not gonna get them


how the hell do you "accidentally" put something on AH.. idiot
You should thank your own stupidity not blizzard OP.

This is just like people who list stuff for 4k before the game crashes and people walk away with their gear for next to nothing.

Set the minimum bid at the least you are willing to accept for the item. And if you really listed the wrong item, lol, learn to pay attention. I'm surprised you haven't salvaged your MH yet....
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he forgot to add a zero to the back, stupid (_0_)
You didn't lose anything, you learned a lesson and that's invaluable
I love how he started out by saying HE added them to the action house by MISTAKE.

your mistake, not blizzards.
So a pay to win noob lost 700m gold, QQ.
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@ op

10$ = 2 BILLION gold now dude.

jus relax and go spend 4 dollars and get your gold back.
How are those pieces of !@#$ 700m? my gloves 8/46/9 85str/87vit i got for barely 200m.

you made a mistake and paid for it. leave it as is.
It's worth 150-180m, not 700m. :D Im the PC grandmaster
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I'm sorry that the auction didn't go as planned. Unfortunately as of right now, we're unable to investigate in more detail until Diablo III is out of maintenance. I would ask that at your earliest convenience you submit a ticket through the support portal with the information about the auction (Auction ID#, name of item/link to pic, verification of seller account, etc.). Once we are out of maintenance we will be happy to take another look at this for you.

A few things here that I'd like to clarify: Firstly, although our support teams are happy to look into any issues that you have, we are generally unable to modify the auctions in any way. In specific cases have we been able to escalate issues if we do find any discrepancies in the auctions. In most cases though, these types of escalations are not necessary because the AH will respond appropriately (sometimes it can take a bit). Also, I see that there were several tickets entered in a short amount of time - we encourage you to be mindful of your requests - sending in multiple requests to get a different answer will not change the situation. We always do want to do our best for you - and will try to resolve any issues you have to the best of our ability.

I will make sure this is looked into once more, but again I will need to wait until we are out of maintenance. In the meantime, this thread will be locked. Please do create the support ticket with the information as requested and we will check back as soon as we can! Thank you :)
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