I know many Barbarians have already soloed monster power 10, however this was a speed run mostly to show that brawler is a legitimate option for a run through the infernal machines. I'm also not sure that 11 minutes is a record breaking time or anything, But I could not find a faster Ghom and Rakanoth time when I looked.

The following is some information about the video and where to find it:


Solo run all three Realms in 11 minutes (keep in mind this is with editing out the transitions between each realm)

King of the Dead and The merciless witch 4:15

Ghom and Rakanoth 2:30

Kulle and Siegebreaker 4:00

Im sorry about the quality of the video, it seems my computer can run Diablo 3 just fine but with a video capturing software going at the same time it is a bit slow. I will try to repeat the process on or with a different computer when time allows

For some clarifications on the small print and gear full buffed DPS is : 635,523

and a link to my blizzard account is here


Thanks for watching