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"What did you do to your monk today?" Part 3


08/15/2013 01:08 AMPosted by FE3DOE

You are man....!

can't stop playing monk.. lol.

Me too dude, but I only love her!
Gained two HC levels, hit level 50, and beat Siegebreaker on MP3 Nightmare. Seems like a good spot: I generally mop up the trash, but I had some tough elite fights today that got the adrenaline going.
ManU! I think I'm gonna use my previous WH on my 2nd monk! haha
Bought a WKL, just because. Man I miss this thing :D
It's nice little break from the EF ^_^
Got myself a Cha Ching! rare ring. Loving it!
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spent some "Cha Ching!" and preordered the game on ps3 ^^

actually surprisingly excited to get back into sanctuary

only thing standing in its way is eor'zea...
Well let me see what I did with my Monk today - I dusted her off, after many month's of not playing her. She will not have to set on the sidelines crying - My turn. I guess I will have to relearn how to play her. LOL
Beat Azmodan on MP3 Nightmare HC, turned Act 4 down to MP2, and beat Iskatu and Rakanoth. Found a couple nice EHP upgrades without losing any eDPS.
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I upgraded my ring and gained 4.6k DPS. Oh yeah!
Hey Mr.Nastytime =)
haven't seen you post here for a while

craft another batch of 20 bracers today ... and got my new bracers! woot woot!!
RNG crafting gods favours me!
bracer crafting count # 60 =)
300k DPS unbuffed...

...with a follower.

Farming DE


Try get more high eDPS than pDPS
Nearly got killed five or six times running MP2 NM HCSF but beat Diablo.
Went from p47 to p50 these past 2 nights. Not a lot for some of you, but I'm happy with it. :)
300k DPS unbuffed...

...with a follower.


Damn, Weegee, that monk of yours looks mightily good!

Put few extra PLs on my WD, she's doing MP 5 at a steady pace. That CoB really is the WD's WoL - tremendously powerful, but so clunky to use. Haven't done much with my main lately, bought her a new pair of gloves, but it got stuck in AH limbo. Once it gets spat out, it should give her another 2K DPS and 3K HP.

In totally unrelated news - I'm off for a short vacation, leaving early tomorrow. Should be back in a week or so, until then - godspeed, everyone, and may the gods of RNG be on your side! (%
So i'm like watching anime and stuff with a little D3 box at the corner of my screen farming DEs and all. farmed a few hours for 100 DE, and crafted another 100 terrible amulets :(

My luck is so bad on this account ~_~
08/17/2013 11:13 PMPosted by Laurelynd
In totally unrelated news - I'm off for a short vacation,

have a good vacation Laurelynd =)

up one Plvl today
yay! =D
*edit* ohh and crafted 10 gloves for giggles .... best one gave me a -15K dps lol ... hahah giggles indeed
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paid an arm and a leg for my upgrades yesterday
got 2 mils left to my name now lol

Nat ring for 40 mil (buyout at 1d3h )
- 3.7K HP

Nat boots for 20 mil (bid)
+4.5K HP
+45 dps (yes 45 lol)
-11K health globe bonus
Thread bump!

Going to Ding 100 tonight!

awww yiss!! :D
Thread bump!

Going to Ding 100 tonight!

awww yiss!! :D

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