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Fellow Ytar Disciples...

How in the name of the 1001 gods do you all reach 300k DPS (unbuffed)?

Yeah, I know, I'm paragon 2. But I also have a profile in europe, which im 30ish and pretty much same dps as here.

Even with paragon 100, I get only roughly 25k dps.

So there is still 100k to go...

Is it all about not having all super duper quad/pentafecta? or am I missing some core stats? I really thought I got some decent gear there.

halp!! :)

In the meantime, I'll go get those paragons level up!
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dude your missing a lot of dex and cd. no dex on witching hour. low cd on ammy. no cd on rings. very low avg dmg rolls on rings. no mempo helm. inna belt gives more dps than witching our once you get arounds 250k dps.

its very expensive on monks but you can do it just need to stack the right stuff. a lot of it will come from para as well like you said.
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The missing CD is either wayyyy to expansive (nat ring for example... no trifecta below 1b) or would cost a lot of my EHP. I think I'm fairly okay with my EHP, so I just have to add some more DPS.

So you're telling me all those 300k monks are worth 10b?
It's the way of Ytar?

Edit: And obviously for the dex, I'll work on crafts and paragon levels which should do the trick :)
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no you can do 300k dps with 500k ehp for under 1bil.

you dont need to go cd on nat ring. take a look at mine. you can go double dex high avg dmg and will give you a lot of gains.

but rule of thumb you need high cd cc avg dmg dex ammy. asi cc dex avg dmg rings. mempo with good cc. and your witching hour definitly needs to be changed.

you can hit 300k dmg just gotta wait. do you use something like d3up.com to do your gear checks. i would recommend this as it will help you save money and see what stats you need where to hit 300k dps.

im at 223k right now in my speed palm build but if i go bells i can keep 45k hp 450all res 5k armor and be at 260k dps.

im not to far off the 300k and 20k or so more will come from para but ya the upgrades are really costly and if your not doing OWE then your going to be looking at beez and beez to do it.

if you want to do it on the cheap give up that passive slot for OWE stack a single res and load up on dex.

just as an example if i go OWE i could drop all res on my gloves and chest. change chest to something like 250 vit 12% life 170+ dex, allowing me to go dex pants with like 190+ dex 9asi and also allowing me to change to my dmg gloves 178dex 9asi 9.5cc 45cd.

i have crafted bracers that give me 10k dmg and only lose 3k life. they are double res with 40all res the single res is 40 as well so i actually gain res here when i go OWE.

all and all those changes will put me very close to 300k dmg.
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Of course I use D3UP, maybe not as much as I could, but I do.

I'd really like not to play with OWE.
My other monk was stuck with it and.. There are so many nice passive to use.

Would it be a bad choice since I have lots of HP to change to Inna's chest with lots of dex, some vit and AR just to boost it around 650AR?

I'd lose some EHP (20k maybe) but would get better mitigation.

Your monk is nice, but it's well over 1b. Just the boots are out of price.

I'll try and follow some of your suggestion and see what happens.
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i know mine is. but there are others on the forum with a challenge of 300k dps with 1bil. there are posts on it so jsut search the thread and you will see how they are doing it.

you know that may not be a half bad idea. if you can move all res to your chest then drop it off your rare ring in favor of more dps oriented stats it would be a big difference. also look to get some better pants with vit in them aswell as that dex that way your loss wont be so great when you lose all that vit on chest.

your ammy is another weak spot for dps however you have a lot of EHP in there. all and all you should try and move your all res to your core pieces. shoulder bracer gloves boots belt chest. aim for around 550all res with 50k hp. if you can move those EHP stats off your rings and neck then your well on your way to 300k.

i think the biggest problem for monk gearing is the limits of inna set when trying to get all res.

in a perfect situation you would have a crafted chest will all res armor huge vit and dex. that would allow you to move all res of your gloves as well if you wanted. you keep the 2 set inna with pants and belt. belt becomes amazing dps around 250k+ dps. change your helm to a mempo with 5cc 180+ dex.

but thats billions away and many lucky crafts from happening.

point being inna chest and pants really limit your EHP options and makes monk an interesting toon to gear for without OWE>
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I followed your tips, changed Witching Hour and Amulet (350m for both, quite surprising) and I gained 15k DPS.

I will look into AR chest then DPS ring afterwards.

I am now sitting on 4700 Armor, 575AR (700 if OWE), 48k life

And yeah.. Inna's set is very limited in EHP options compared to IK for example.

Thanks again for all your pro tips and looong posts :)

I'll keep working on it!
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NP let me know how it goes. ill get on the AH tonight and see if i can see any good deals on some items. im currently looking to sell my pants and upgrade. if your interested in going for some EHP inna pants instead of dex oriented ones. let me know either way.

if i didnt get scammed the other day id have a nat ring and rare ring i could have given you for extra dps.

anyway ya if you can get your EHP to your core then ill be able to help you find the dps on your other items.
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For Inna's pants, I am okay, I have one with 90 dex,192 vit and 9IAS in my stash.

I'm looking for the chest now. that vit+AR is very expansive. unless I settle for 150dex/60 vit, its over the top. I'd like to keep at least 170dex and get somewhere near 80 vit anyways. but it's half a billion just there. If I don't want to lose too much HP, I'll have to get that 80vit on chest and 80 vit on boots. Those upgrades won't be cheap, but they'll allow for more dps in jewelry.

I have some things on the AH I hope that sells.
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ya the chest cost a lot which is why i think crafted chest is a much better choice. more hp potential all res and armor plus higher dex roll.
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Yeah but this will be endgame.

before that, I need a little better gear to farm efficiently at least MP8. Then I can farm DEs to craft bracers, then shoulders, then chest/amu.

For shoulders, is it like barbs where you craft vitality in hope you get a godly double vit/double dex, AR, armor, life%
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barbs can naturally roll high primary on shoulders. monks cant. so if your doing shoulders always craft dex. hope for that vit %life roll. but dont craft for EHP vit shoulders the dex will be way to low.

if you want to do some mp8-10 vota runs tonight im down. if you want to clear them really fast run pull monk and ill hop on my WD should blast thru all those E's :p

i need to get some more crafting in as well. tried like 300-500bracers and got !@#$ all so may the rolling continue. hopefully ill be able to start crafting chest soon.
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I don't know if I'll be on tonight. But I can add you! I'll be on for sure tomorrow morning. Usually I play in the morning on week end too. Im on my holidays right now so... my schedule is pretty random!

But morning 8-9AM to 11AM or so. then the rest is sporadic.
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The missing CD is either wayyyy to expensive

that's why you're having trouble reaching 300k

you gotta be willing to shell out the gold
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I reached 200k. That will be enough I guess for now. I will farm a lot and try to get lucky with craft for the next upgrades.

then when I'm uber rich, I'll try and fit a mempo somewhere and a better nat ring.

but mempo is also huge EHP loss.. I don't wanna be a glass cannon monk.
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mempo is EHP gain over my inna helm :p

if your 200k without a nice mempo and nat youll probably hit 220k dps easily with those two upgrades.
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I think mempo will only be doable past paragon 50.

I've dropped from 58k HP to 42k by changing my chest/pants/boots.

If I go mempo I lose another 3k for about 5-6k DPS (can only afford 4CC or so).

this 5k dps is not worth all the money :P
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