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What am I missing to stay alive cob build

below are my basic stats. what is it I am missing to stay alive better? I do great dps, but tend to die quite a bit.

2312 int
46.5 cc
422 cd
1.74 attacks per second
116k paper dps

3161 armor
1190 mana
57k hp
24% movement speed
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Your DPS is really low, and your armor and RA aren't great. Also your INT is really low and it seems like you attack much too fast. Your skill selections are indicative of someone who goes OoM far too easily/often.

Shed the Trifecta gloves ASAP, go for gloves with higher CHD and much much higher INT (don't pay attention to mine, I use a Skorn so I swing slower).

Your Lacunis need to go too. Like immediately. The MS is nice but that's all they're offering you. Good BoA bracers will probably give you at least as much if not more DPS, and much more MIT/Vit

Your ToTD is okay, but ultimately has more PUR than you can effectively use playing CoB. At your stats it is not necessary or ultimately beneficial over a decent Zunimasa's string. Pants provide a lot of EHP but its through HP that are easy to knock off. Rare pants with high MIT will help you more. With a decent SoS (I have an okay middle of the road one if you want to buy it) you can sub out one of the other pieces that aren't as good for a nice upgrade at Helm, Boots, or Ring.

You'll probably get much better mileage out of a Ruby in that carving knife also.
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It pretty much comes down to lack of armor, res, int (although if you fix your int your AR might be fine), and dps. ToTD is a perfectly fine offhand, but the stats on yours are very low.
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Get more mitigation and ehp. Armor, all res, life.
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