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New MH Weapon - How'd I do?

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Well, after swearing I was done shopping for my monk I broke down and spent more gold on my #1 girl. Check out the new MH fist. When I saw it, I just had to bid, but I never thought I'd actually win since I was low (a lot lower now) on gold. It did leave me a bit light on life, but it added over 12k DPS and the bells are incredible now.

So now for the question...I paid just 156m so...How'd I do?
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not sure about the value, but it sure is pretty!

as in, i don't know what the market prices are, not that you didn't get a good deal or not :)
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It definitely looks pretty with such a high dps, I thought it'll do good with Nirvana, why not socket with ruby, your bell will hit harder.
But for 65% CD without LS, I think you're definitely a confident nun who only needs a 2.9% LS on your OH.
Value wise, it definitely a good bargain, you should be able to churn for 400-600mil at least.
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Thanks, when I bought it, it was the top fist on the GAH. The best comps were 800m+, so I figured there was nothing to lose.


I've been using between 2.9% and 3.0% LS since I had 150k DPS. The secret is very high mitigation combined with burst healing. I almost never die farming MP8 (maybe once every few hours) despite my very aggressive play style. I do swap a few things to run MP10 with 50k life though.

I did consider socketing a ruby, and the 49% weapon damage mod was a factor in my purchase, but I wanted a smoother damage output until I can get my life up. I am shopping for significantly better Inna pants and crafting more bracers. This setup also gives me more flexibility to play around with other builds. However, it would be a load of fun to drop Skorn-like bell bombs.
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