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About DH's Weakness 'suggestion

1.2-1-1 ->>> 0.1-1-1

is delay time spike trap
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so you are suggesting we move and copy more stuff from the other class...

Barb = toughest class in the game (by desgin) and has a very fast resource regain.
Fury on Hit
Fury when Hit by melee
Fury per Attack
Fury per Critically Hit
Fury Regeneration (Static)

Wiz = unlimited resource (this is in design)
AP on Hit (Passive)
AP when Hit by melee
AP per Attack
AP per Critically Hit (Item)
AP Regeneration (Static)
AP on pickup (Globe Passive)

Hunter = double resource and require resource management (design)
Discipline on Hit
Hatred per Attack
Discipline per Critically Hit
Hatred/Discipline Regeneration (Static)
Hatred/Discipline on pickup (Globe Passive)

I don't see the problem with regenerating resource. I don't have that problem but it does take up 1-2 skill slots when barb and wiz does not and as a result our edps went down.

We are not the only class with "delays". People like to play without them and often forget it is in every class, they are those skills the minority is using. All of the explosive attacks on our list has delay and I think it is normal. The question goes when you use HA and bola which will deal more damage over time it will also depend on the situation.

Discipline is for "hunting" not for survive. It does help out on survivability but there is more to it. Get that idea in mind and figure out what I mean then post a different post.
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Barb infinte wrath is overpowered and broken (blizzard already states that it was not intended), so I don't like to be compared to a barb tbh if there was class conparisons involved. And wrath ignores all crowd control effects -> produces much less variances when farming (ignoring damage boosts)

A DH requires skill to play. Some may agree but its true. Barb has low dps yeah but they can do fine because they are just like that, just takes a while to kill

Can I farm like a barb? Sorry im not a barb
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i'm switch to CM SNS and while it kicks !@# with insane damage multiplier, the class is kinda OPed.

The CM SNS spec benefits lots of people such as:

1. EF players
2. Noobs
3. COB WDs
4. RF DH
and etc

BUT.. Kinda boring if u keep doing VOTA runs.
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yeah ok

DH only for fun.


only for fun.

already DH's solo play was ruined.
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Dia3 users has leaved after DH down.

so It need to DH more more powerful
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other hammer, bat, wizard razer, monk's bell...

has delays???

delay make death!!!

also Discipline recovery '3'!!!
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reason of dia3's a decrease in population is DH's down...

DH is weak...

DH is only for fun .
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this is my profile in asia
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It has already been established that DH has eDPS issues long ago. Im not understanding ur perspective.

The term 'weak' doesn't have a meaning to me. You mean squishy or bad damage output?
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too often die. that means
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Then your playing your DH wrong
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Have you seen my plays?

That's not only my opinion.

Korean DH uses also have.

sentence include 'than other class'

you think DH's viability is better than other class? ha!

have you played monk?
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Monk 150000 dps user also play 10grade.

Faster than 360000dps DH haha

my play is wrong?

video see plz


kidding me?
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can u play same dungeon in 10 minute without death??


other class can do it
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The fact is that your saying a demon hunter has survivibility issues compared to the other classes. Not true, people In fact, a DH can survive fine. If you spec your DH as a glass cannon and get into messy situations, then yeah you might do more often, but that person didn't spec to take hits.

I dunno what kind of generation you came from, but we can survive fine thanks. I think more people are concerned about effective dps than surviving. Trust me on that one. It sucks however that we need a lot of defensive skills to do that and shadow power only lasts 5 seconds, but we were built like that.

What about the monk?
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^ gotta agree with Nyan... DH's have some of the best survivability in the game, when played right
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If you saying that DH has DPS issues compares to other classes then yeah okay. And ur build isn't bad (personally would use caltrops -> tort ground to ensure that all 3 explosions hit ur target.)

The issue I see is a very similar issue with Suomi and that these buffs are being targetted for the way you play instead of the demon hunters in general. I can understand why you want a huge discipline buff to keep using prep -> punishment rune. Because your using prep way too often and using shadow power on top of that, you will run into discipline issues for ur build compared to rapid fire which only requires one shadow power usage, on top of being hated efficent.

As for spike traps vs rapid fire its preference as both shrine in the right situations. Since I discovered this 'advanced' snapshot mechanic, I would say rapid fire dominates (and can snapshot steady aim too) even tho your playstyle is much more interesting.

Sry if I didnt give other skills some light ^.^

can u play same dungeon in 10 minute without death??


other class can do it

I can tank on 3 arcane beams, molten, plague just fine thanksssssss
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Yes, DH is realy weak ... not only he is weak but he is not strong at all !

The ratio between DPS and eDPS is about 500% for DH, but it's 850% for monk, 750% fot Barbar or Wizard, 1500% for WD in batman mode ...
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