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Sorry I had to go to bed yesterday without explaining the set to you.
A quick shout out; shoulders was donated by Laurelynd and shield by Dinox, and we SnB barbs hang out here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9499880537?page=1 there’s currently a troll smell in there so let it air out first

Recommended build for this set for higher MPs

Bash Punish for the extra 24% dps bonus, this is what you start your fight and build fury with from 0, it’s not your dmg dealer but remember to keep the buff up by hiting something every 4-5 secs

Hit killing spree when there’s something around and every time it’s off cool down then blood lust right after for it to have a higher chance for procing a crit rend which will keep you healed and reduce enemies HP

I normally bash then activate Into-the-Fray before I do anything with Bloodlust since I always start with trash mob to build up the fury
This will be a bit harder to do on nasty elites where you need to land a crit bloodlust ASAP to keep you healed (that's what happened the other night haha)

The fun really begins once you build your fury globe up though

Enter Hulk Smash mode!
To sustain this mode you want to have lots and lots of enemies around you at all time if possible
Go SuperSaiyan and build your fury up to max then use overpower and start HoTA-Smash for high AOE-dmg
I find that if you hit more than 1 enemies then you can keep Smashing forever since you’ll have max CC and high enough APS to generate and dump the fury at the same time
Don’t let the fury globe drop too much though ;)
I calculated your CC and it’ll be at cap at max buff but I do not know the exact number .. 80%?-95%?
Hit Overpower as soon as it’s off cool down (which done correctly should be around 5 secs or 2 secs if there’s enough enemies around)
Hit Bloodlust (don't let it drop) for the continuous heal (this will make you invincible)

Bloodlust is the main form of heal (that’s why Bloodthirst passive is not needed) so I added Tough as Nail (or Nerve of Steal, whichever gives you more) for the extra armor so that you can hug your favorites elites, the helicopters =)

For gear upgrades in no particular order
Ammy, you can try your crafting luck or buy one on AH
Shoulder, craft vit shoulders that have AR and high strength (this is what I’m working towards too)
Lacuni bracers for the 12% move speed 9%IAS, 6%CC and if you got the money high vit and strength
IK Belt, look something like what I currently have on my barb with reduce rend cost
IC boots, high strength and vit with ms
OH ring, mmm something better?
Storm Shield, if you can then get a 10%CC, 30%+ block chance one

For farming lower MPs using WW I suggest you to switch to DW though I normally just change my build to this with 24% ms http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#ahQRUP!YZh!bZZYZc

Enjoy the SnB barb side of things and let me know if you need anything else =)

Ontopic: Monks are awesome! Expecially KJ’s monk! =D
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hay, thanks!

no worries...dps is much lower than my monk, but man I was dying a lot...but I don't really barb much.

Will take your tips and practice, thanks!

p.s. That's 2 @KamelJabber threads this year...KJ for president!
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Hahah it’s okay KJ just take a bit of practice,
Try to start at the lower MP and work your way up

The Lit that you pass to Jvulcan had the important -elite% dmg stat on there that I tested the set on MP10 with
That and a life% in the helm
Watch out for poison and the center of Arcane though, you won’t be able to straight tank them until you gear up for it

Ohh and forgot to shout out to ehong and wannabee, forgot which of them mentioned to pass the set onto you

And again thank you for accepting this set as I know that you’re a good person and will pay it forward =)

07/29/2013 10:21 AMPosted by KamelJabber
KJ for president!

Hahah yes yes KJ for president ;)
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