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I built a Diablo stats site. Invite you to check it out

Hi, I've been playing Diablo 3 for a year. Really loves the game.
I am thinking of building a site for a long time, but have been busy with taking care of my daughters.
Finally put it online this week. Want to have some support.

A very comprehensive, decent site. I'm so eager to hear people's feedback too.

Please facebook like and google +1 if you like it. Thank you! :)


8/1/2013 Update:
A theme option (light/dark) is added.
Fixed "Echoing Fury" (+Attacks per Second) aps bug.
also fixed a profile loading bug for monks using seven sided strike skill

A quick look at the new 'Dark' theme.


6/21/2015 Update:
Updated the site to fully support Patch 2.2 sets and skills.
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Interesting site, very nice work!
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Pretty cool
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Thank you guys for fast response. I'll keep working on it, adding more features.
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Pretty awesome! Nice work!
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I'm pretty confident with my dps and defense calculations.
If you find difference between my numbers and battle.net numbers and cannot find answers in my FAQ pages, please let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can.
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It's not accurate at all.. It says I am using a main hand and a off hand? I use a two-handed axe.

Barbarian dps is scales with abilities and the posted dps is far from what my accurate damage output is.
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Hi Knoland,
Thanks for trying out my site. It's a new site, definitely not perfect yet.
I just quick viewed your barbarian's profile. It does show he's using a two hand Skorn.
The Aps explanation page generally mentions if you're dual wielding, then ... Currently dps/Aps info pages only contain general explanation.
Regarding the dps difference, we can only track the unbuffed dps, run time dps buffed by active skills are not counted.
Take my 0dog Wd as an example. My unbuffed dps is 130k, but in real time, 80% of times, it's around 200k.
I'll do more investigation regarding your barbarian's dps display difference, and I'll get back to you later today.
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Great site. Very comprehensive, easy-to-use, and "modern" (for lack of a better term). Cheers, OP, on a job well done.

That said, I believe the dps calculation may be incorrect. The FAQs relative to dps calculation contained one possible explanation: you use floating, full numbers instead of rounding like Blizz. I do not have any dps increase due to skills or follower, yet a 40k difference is displayed.

I suppose another reason could be the manner by which you calculate APS. You have my APS lower than Blizz. The explanation of your APS calculation is certainly detailed and makes sense.

I suppose that, taken together, the decreased APS according to your calculator is the reason my dps is lower than Blizz and all other sites I've seen state?

Again, great site. Especially if you are indeed more accurate!

Cheers, OP.
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Very interesting site I can see min/maxers loving it.

My only beef is very minimal which is the colour scheme it's so white! haha, but as you said new site and that could change =P

Otherwise the information it displays is great, keep it coming mate.
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I just checked it out and noticed my hardcore character is listed under the EU server. other than that, site seems really cool. thanks
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Very nice looking site. It looks like you put a lot of work into it!
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Hi, I've been playing Diablo 3 for a year. Really loves the game.
I am thinking of building a site for a long time, but have been busy with taking care of my daughters.
Finally put it online this week. Want to have some support.

A very comprehensive, decent site. I'm so eager to hear people's feedback too.

Please facebook like and google +1 if you like it. Thank you! :)


Awesome site, looking forward to it evolving and upgraded to its full potential, for example a more dark theme and look to it would be great! So yea my idea or critic is that it needs a lot more work when it comes to backround and making it a dark theme!

Keep it up! good work!

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Looks cool.

Question though.

One hand max crit damage. Mine says like 195k on my offhand and 177 for my main hand yet I regularly see numbers of 260k or 300+k damage ticking off in game, why does it say the max is 195k ?
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Good work. Should be a good resource when it's fully finished.
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Thank you guys for 'liking' my site, your encouragement, critics or comments.
This site now becomes my No1 side project now, I need to do my full-time developer job during the day.
I'll try my best to answer all questions.

-- Color theme
Before I saw almost all Diablo 3 related sites / apps are all using dark color theme, the original thought is to do it in a different way and I feel it's easier to read stats on a lighter color background. Another reason is I planned to create a "printer-friendly" item page.
I will add a dark theme in the near future.

-- to AxeLord
The one critical hit damage is the raw 100% damage. Most active skill has >100% damage per hit, for example, Barbarian's Hammer of the Ancients w/ Smash could chop out 406% * your max one critical hit damage.

-- Dps difference,
I believe in most situations, it could be the follower bonus (3% critical chance from Scoundrel or 3% increased attack speed from Enchantress), or active skill bonus.
I'll look into individual cases using your battle tags.

The only case I've seen so far that my site overestimates Dps is:
a demon hunter with Manticore (crossbow) and "Archery" skill should gain a 50% crit damage, but probably battle.net profile page does value that. I'll figure it out and put all my findings in a new issuelog page.
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I'm disappointed that the character on the page doesn't reflect the gear I have on including the dyes but what are you supposed to get for free these days.

I am truly amazed at how well it looks good work.

I understand why you went light with the background trying to make it easier to read the info but I agree that pure white is a little harsh. maybe a baby poo yellow instead.
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Great work!

Possible future suggestions:

-add an EHP calculation
-add an 'ability damage' selection (will take some time due to the number of variables involved, I understand... but still would be pretty cool, like say I wanna know what kind of #s my 'loaded for bear' or the death grenade would do, for example).
-add 'best stat to increase' for dps and same for EHP sliders for min-maxing.

Amazing potential here, you could make good money with this!
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wow so clear, this deserve a fav
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In overall, I really like your site. It's bright and good to look at and every stats is well seperated.

I only thought of one thing right now that I would find useful to add, but I don't know if it would be possible.

Here's the thing: When I use 2 1h weapons, the game always tells me that using a 2h weapon boost my dps because it compares itself only with my main hand weapon. Is there a way for your site to calculate the dps you do with a standard 2h weapon and the dps you do with 2 1h weapon? (You could remove the stats the weapon gives and do the maths with a generic unbuffed weapon for each type so you know which one the rest of your gear is better for.)

Like I said, I don't know if it's possible. Tell me if it's possible or if you don't understand what I mean, I'll try to make it more clear.
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