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I built a Diablo stats site. Invite you to check it out

nice work! works great with chrome too
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1.08 removed the 300% cap.

Here's an article describes that. I believe I saw that in official release notes too.


Magic Find & Gold Find Cap at 680% in 1.0.8
There are multiple increases in patch 1.0.8 to the Experience, Magic Find, and Gold Find that can be obtained. Vaeflare detailed just how this will be changing, and how the Gold Find and Magic Find bonus can reach 680% in the next patch!

They never removed the gear/paragon magic find cap of 300. If you have 307% via your gear and paragon levels, you are only getting 300%.

From the article you linked me:
"Starting in patch 1.0.8 however, the Magic Find bonus from shrines will be able to exceed the “soft cap” of 300% that players can achieve from a combination of their own gear and their follower’s gear."

"So after patch 1.0.8, if you have 300% Magic Find from your gear, have 5 stacks..."

Yes your magic find can reach 680% in MP10 with 3 friends and a magic find shrine buff, but your gear/paragon magic find maximum is still 300.

I'll do some research on MF/GF.
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Bump. This site is legit.
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I changed my job recently. Didn't get time to update the site for 2 months.

* Just added new features to switch heroes and bookmark hero selection page!
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nice site, just checked it out. tried 3 chars and it worked the way it was suppose to, showing both in game dps and true dps minus say the Scoundrel's added values. tried out both light and dark, chars, gear pics. bookmarked. It is very white though, and when I pulled up my P100, the resource section the two values of Hatred/Hatred Regen almost run into each other, and the Max Life Bonus could be abbreviated to clean that section up with spacing. I can't complain, not a programmer, it's that those two areas stand out is all. good job.
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Just fixed a url issue with the hero selection page.
Now it should run fine if you bookmark the page using your battle tag.

Thank you for your feedback!
I'll increase the width of the DH resource section. You may check it out later tonight.
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I'm planning to add EHP soon, which will include an overall (averaged) EHP.
and all elemental / melee|ranged / with|without dodge EHPs.

I would like to know if you guys feel that would be useful.
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Just launched an update. Added to display EHP!
Please check it out! :)
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Awesome website. It reminds me of http://www.diabro3.com/ but better in many ways.
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Community Manager
Posts: 3,257
Awesome! Love all the changes you've been making and excited to see how the site will grow over time. Great work. :)
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Great effort. I am in awe.
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Well done. I build websites for a living and I think you have done an excellent job. Very user friendly and clean look / design. Thanks for taking the time to make it!
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Nice work man. It has definitely improved a lot since the last time I visited. Hope you enjoyed making it too :)
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10/18/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Lylirra
Awesome! Love all the changes you've been making and excited to see how the site will grow over time. Great work. :)

Lylirra, I'm so honored to get your recognition. :D
I'll keep up!

Thanks to everyone who keep coming back to visit my site.
I'll add new features soon.
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Very impressive :)
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WKL weapon damage is misunderstood based on the numerous queries on the monk forum and other places. Three individuals in the know are Volun, Gotaplanstan, and Druin. It would be nice to see a site come up with a dps addition for WKL users. ie: a straight forward statement to the effect, "add x more damage from your WKL lightning bonus" (the one that ranges from 15 - 25).

Thanks for your good looking site.
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Hi Justice,
The 3 damage bonuses from Won Khim Lau
1) +(112–296)–(261–687) Lightning Damage
This adds to a base damage list based on damage type and will get all attack speed, critical hit, but won't get +% Damage bonus from the weapon because that only applies to physical damage.

2) Adds 5–6% to Lightning Damage
This damage is nothing related to lightning skills. It simply adds 5-6% of your physical damage as additional lightning damage.

3) Lightning skills deal 15–25% more damage.
This doesn't apply to general attack damage, and is not counted in Dps and Battle.net profile or D3 game doesn't show this as your damage either. similar to "Frostburn Gauntlets"'s Cold skills deal 15–30% more damage. It does help run time if you use lightning skills.

Hope this explanation helps.
- aresling
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Hey, site looking great, loving the new "dark mode".

1 question, hopefully constructive, (and I'll admit I haven't read through the whole thread in detail yet).
Does the Defence - DR section take into account the increase Fire Dmg if a player is wearing an Andariel's Visage?.
When I imported my barb he is meant to have a +17% increase yet in stats all my resistances are pretty much the same as each other (as expected for the others)

Keep up the good work!
Edited by Kronenbourg#1118 on 10/20/2013 12:59 AM PDT
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I'm curious why my ehp is different between your site and d3up.com? 880K vs 533k.
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