Hello all.

Just hit 60 on my newest alt and figured it wouldn't hurt to post on his class forum for a critique of the starter set i picked up for him. Don't have the gold for anything godly but plunked down 40m or so (wasn't really fishing for deals like i should have been, but i still think i did decently enough for the money).

Anyway, also kinda looking at advice on what to replace first. Crafting new gloves, bracers and amulet are on the agenda. As is a better SoJ. Maybe a higher dps LS Skorn... etc. etc. Just not sure what order to try to find them.

But yea, where are my weakest points? What should i be replacing ASAP (or at least replacing first)?

ty for any replies all :)

p.s. build is a fairly standard tempest rush variant. cheers all.