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07/31/2013 11:01 AMPosted by FireIceTalon
Invulnerable Minions would be fun to see return[/li][/ul]

NO. just.....NO. There is absolutely no way I can articulate here how much I hated that affix, and was so glad to see it go. Nothing fun about putting monsters in a game that cannot be killed, where the object of the game is to kill monsters. I do not miss this trait one single bit, and truth be told, I find even shielding almost as annoying, but tolerable since it is only a short duration.

I made a suggestion in some other thread to allow the Avenger affix to appear on gold bosses. If any minion of the boss dies, it increases the boss's attack, etc. like blue bosses. Basically, this mimics the Invulnerable Minion affix in that you don't want to kill the minions before the boss, but avoids the annoying gimmick of not being able to even damage them. You probably would have to kill a couple of the minions off to make some room, but then work on the boss. It makes the encounter require thought, which this game needs more of.
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Someone had an idea a while back about positive affixes which I thought was really cool. e.g. "Drops a Legendary," "Drops tons of gold," "Worth tons of xp," etc. With better names, of course.
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07/30/2013 06:26 PMPosted by Grimiku
What monster and/or item affixes would you like to see in Diablo III?

Impervious - Monster is immune to all Crowd Control.
Invulnerable - For rares only. Mob leader is immune to all damage until all mob is down (synergy with "Horde" affix).
Cursing - Player damage is cut by 50% for the remainder of the curse.
Demoralizer - Monster has an aura that decreases resource regen/generation by 25%.
Defiler - Monster uses Corpse Explosion on fallen minions.
Poisoner - Casts a poison gas that negates players Life Regen and cuts LoH/LS in half by the remainder of the spell.
Summoner - For rares only. Summons an extra mob of a different type of monster.

Frozen - permafreezing is annoying. Remove this mod from blues, allow only on yellows. Increase freeze duration by 25%.
Molten - Increase blast damage by 50%.
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Make Lightning Enchanted from D2 into D3 where it actually hurts like !@#$ lol
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Some examples of possible legendary item affixes:

1. % chance to decrease cooldown of all abilities by 1 second when you kill an enemy
2. While dual-wielding, your armor is increased by a % of your vitality (most likely on an item that is not a weapon)
3. When you spend (insert class-specific resource), you are surrounded by a shield that absorbs damage proportional to the resource spent
4. Your damage is increased by a % for every (insert damage type, e.g. Arcane) skill you have slotted
5. You may slot 7 skills instead of 6
6. Familiar adds a passive lifesteal bonus
7. Companion decreases the discipline cost of skills
8. When you kill an enemy, gain a stack of Bloodlust. If you have 20 stacks of Bloodlust and you kill an enemy, lose all stacks of Bloodlust and your damage is increased by 20% for 10 seconds
9. Massacres of at least 50 monsters cause you to gain 25% more experience for a limited time
10. Monsters that drop loot have a % chance to produce an extra drop
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I would really like to see light radius returned. Maybe not so much for the outdoor hunting but definitely for dungeons/caves. This could be worked into the already existing pickup radius affix. This essentially makes you able to only pickup items that you can see. (Increasing your light radius increases your vision therefor your pickup radius.)

Would really like to see a bigger spread of +skill dam/cc/cd on more items rather than just the select few. Even just having +whirwind dam as an example on all pieces would make the perfect item fit the build of the character, rather than the perfect 6 of +mainstat,+vit,+AS,+AR,+CC,+CD that every character in the game goes for.
It would even be great to see more defensive skill bonuses on items. eg increase duration of Ignore Pain by x% or seconds.
If I had my way, I would even take this further for example by removing all the dam increases off rune skills and moving them to items. Leaving runes to just to only alter how the skill works, and then using your item build to improve your skills effectiveness.

In the way of monsters I would love to see a more diverse range of what monster can appear where. Right now its really predictable and boring to see the same monsters in the same locations. In inferno why cant we succubi in Act1 with fallen and fallen shaman. Why cant we see zombies in Act 4? Diablo is a game centred on random encounters and interactions. But currently it just feels predictable and stale.

You have the power blizzard. I beleive in you!

Sorry if for any grammar/spelling. I wrote this in a rush.
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Mana Burn affix (Attack class resources)

Fatal Hit
(Make character current health become 25% and last for 1 second, but can never kill with it).
Can be removed by cc break skill. like Spirit Walk, Smokescreen, WOTB, serenity

(Add 1 second cooldown to all character skills, last 4 second)
Cannot spam zombie dogs, and all attacks like Hota, Energy Twister cast once every second.
Cannot be removed by cc break skill.

While at it, please remove the waller affix. It's buggy, glitchy, pointless, stupid, non-challenging, and most of the death it cause are 'sandwich' glitch and most of the time it just 'shield' the enemy from projectiles.
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Add an item affix that gives experience on health globe pickup.
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I'm quite tired at the moment but the only thing I can think of to add in is Cannot Be Frozen. Or take out that frost nova crap (such as Izzy uses) or at least lessen the duration/increase the cooldown. I can not tell you how many times I've been in that Izzy fight and have not gotten to hit him once because I'm frozen the entire fight. That is just ridiculous.

Edit: Not only that, he casts that on the whole freakin' area so it's even tough to avoid...
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07/30/2013 06:26 PMPosted by Grimiku
but it's not likely that you'd see that kind of update on it's own.

Guess that is another way of saying that new affixes will come with expansion.

Also, there is already a great post on this topic that Lyrilla made recognition on.


There are some amazing ideas in this post feel free to take a look.
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What monster and/or item affixes would you like to see in Diablo III?

A good one please hehe

All jokes aside ... a 'Mimic' affix might be fun, where the monster has the ability to randomly copy one of you or your party members skills
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What monster and/or item affixes would you like to see in Diablo III?

I think something like a mirror affix would be awesome, e.g. elites cast shields on themselves and if you don't stop attacking they spawn mirrorimages of yourself at a certain rate who are using your abilities against you.
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I would like champs to gain power from AURAS again!!!
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I use Plague bats as the only attack skill. Poison.
Try giving me Immune to Poison.
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Well, you can definitely borrow a few from D2 :) I was partial to crushing blow, but how crit hits work in this game, it might not be that feasible. Maybe have one that has a small % chance to heal completely (with an internal cd or something).
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It's likely that you would see additional affixes on items and monsters at some point in the future of Diablo III, but it's not likely that you'd see that kind of update on it's own. Special variations are a great way to add content to the game, and make specific monsters or items feel unique. It's also a lot of fun to think about what affixes you'd like to see added to monsters or items, and we're always interested in seeing those ideas. What monster and/or item affixes would you like to see in Diablo III?

what ever happened to "Faster Hit Recovery" ? I always wondered how Hero's recover so good from taking a hit especially a big hit?
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ethereal & self repairs.
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I often imagine a amulet or weapon with a vampire affix IE 20-30% chance to steal a monster affix like vortex that lasts a short amount of time. I wouldn't mind throwing some arcane sentry's back in their face a few times. He he reflect anyone...
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